The Best Stores and Luxury Furniture: Bangkok

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A curated list featuring the finest luxury furniture in Bangkok and the showrooms selling the leading Italian furniture Bangkok has to offer.

Discover the Finest Luxury Furniture Bangkok has to Offer

Known for its incredible shopping, Thailand’s capital is known for the latest in classic design and luxury furniture. Bangkok is filled with hundreds of shopping malls, buzzing markets and streets lined with showrooms featuring Italy’s leading brands

Italian design and furniture and home decor has had a long and strong reputation around the world, so it’s no surprise that in Bangkok, you can browse and buy some of the country’s iconic creations from brands including Dada, Boffi Studio and Molteni&C.

To help you navigate your way through the many shopping areas and furniture stores in this vibrant city, we’ve curated a list of the best places to visit for the finest designer furniture Bangkok has to offer.

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Where you can find the Exclusive Quality of Unique Italian Furniture Brands in Bangkok


If unique designs are what you desire, Giorgetti is a great exemplar. The Brianza-based brand renovated its Bangkok showroom last year, which now boasts a refined layout, characterised by Canaletto walnut, precious fabrics and leather.

Giorgetti Showroom in Bangkok with the Best Italian Prestigious Canaletto Walnut Products

Located in the Watthana district, a visit to the showroom is a chance to explore Bangkok’s shopping hub as well as Giorgetti’s latest developments. Highlights of its 2020 collection include ‘Janet’, a shell-shaped armchair with enveloping lines by Umberto Asnago, and the ‘Ago Table’, a marble topped table with legs in canaletto walnut featuring a light and minimal silhouette.

Giorgetti Bangkok Address


After perusing the Giorgetti showroom, Dada is just a stone’s throw away if you’re looking for the latest in contemporary kitchens. The Milanese brand is renowned for designs that combine contemporary style and high quality materials, imbued with luxury and craftsmanship.

The Dada Kitchens are the Best Italian Kitchens Designer Furniture Bangkok Has to Offer

Pay a visit and you’ll find that Dada’s latest creations are no exception. ‘Intersection’ and ‘Ratio’ are just two in a series of innovative solutions featuring geometric proportions and a warming palette of natural materials, both signed off by the company’s creative director Vincent Van Duysen.

Dada Bangkok Address

The Dada Kitchens are the Best Italian Kitchens Designer Furniture Bangkok Has to Offer

Poltrona Frau

As far as furniture brands go, Poltrona Frau is the quintessence of Italian taste. From modern leather sofas to carefully crafted coffee tables, the flagship located in the heart of Bangkok is a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking for essential yet elegant objects.

Kyoto Table by Poltrona Frau, one of the Iconic Brands of Italian Luxury Furniture Bangkok has to offer

Symbolic of its approach is the recently revived Kyoto Table by architect and designer Gianfranco Frattini. Inspired by Japanese woodworking techniques, the 2020 edition revisits a grid-like design from 1974, combining a brilliant idea with impeccable craftsmanship.

Poltrona Frau Bangkok Address

Kyoto Table by Poltrona Frau, one of the Iconic Brands of Italian Luxury Furniture Bangkok has to Offer

B&B Italia

In Bangkok, B&B Italia forms part of an extensive showroom space inspired by Milan design galleries. An unmissable model apartment sets the stage for B&B Italia’s latest designs including a terrace decorated with outdoor collections like Gio, a series of solid teak pieces designed by Antonio Citterio.

B&B Italia Bangkok Address

Boffi Studio

Also contributing to this model apartment is Boffi, whose iconic designs define the kitchen and bathroom spaces in this exclusive store experience. Based on the handcrafted tradition of building kitchens, this Italian brand’s latest solutions are displayed in several areas across the gallery.

Boffi Studio Bangkok Address

The Best Luxury Furniture Bangkok has to Offer


Steeped in history, the signature identity of Cassina’s Italian designer furniture lies in the innovative fusion of technological skill and traditional craft. Both define the brand’s Bangkok showroom where the latest iconic pieces are sure to be on display. 

The best Exclusive and Unique Cassina Store Experience in Bangkok. Discover our List of the Top Luxury Furniture Bangkok has to Offer by Esperiri

Two of the latest designers asked to interpret Cassina’s perceptual dialogue between past, present and future are Rodolfo Dordoni and Patricia Urquiola. Dordoni has designed ‘Dress-Up!’, a modular sofa with generous proportions, whilst Urquiola has come up with a unique bed design with an adaptable headboard that cocoons the main body. The design, called ‘Bio-mbo’, also boasts wellness features thanks to the work carried out with Cassina LAB: an air sanitisation mechanism and a sound absorbing panel.

Cassina Bangkok Address


Located in the Watthana district, a visit to Porro’s showroom is a journey through the Italian brand’s best sellers and novelties. 10 day and night areas show various arrangements of high-quality furnishings, each one illustrative of Porro’s extensive collection of woods.

Italian Furniture by one of The best Exclusive and Unique brand like Porro. Find Out where the Italian Furniture Showrooms are located in Bangkok

Porro’s most recent collection champions retro style and geometric shapes, such as Romby by GamFratesi, an upholstered chair with a conical swivel base. It’s sculptural form is the perfect compliment to Piero Lissoni’s ‘Materic’ table, also a protagonist in Porro’s 2020 collection.

Porro Bangkok Address


A list of the best luxury furniture Bangkok has to offer isn’t complete without Molteni&C. Founded over 80 years ago, the brand has amassed a fortune of collaborations which find a home in Thailand’s capital. 

Molteni&C is One of the Best Italian Luxury Furniture Bangkok has to Offer - by Esperiri

Alongside iconic pieces are Molteni&C’s most recent designs. In 2020, it unveiled several collections including the Octave sofa collection by Vincent Van Duysen and the Azul bed by Nicola Gallizia, both marked by a graphic interplay of clear lines and geometric volumes.

Molteni&C Bangkok Address


If you’re looking for solutions when it comes to the architectural definition of interiors, Rimadesio is a master of the sliding door. Often at the center of its products, examples of the brand’s shelving units, walk-in wardrobes and other technical products can be found at its flagship store in Bangkok.

Door Systems by Rimadesio. Discover The best Luxury Furniture Bangkok has to Offer

Rimadesio’s latest collection “New Interiors” is designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, which includes the modular wall paneling system, equipped with cabinets designed to organize, store and display items.

Rimadesio Bangkok Address

Wall Paneling System and Door Systems by Rimadesio. Discover The best Luxury Furniture Bangkok has to Offer


The intensely imaginative Fornasetti is the final feature in our list of the best Italian furniture in Bangkok. Known for its surrealist take on interiors, the brand has developed a distinctive visual language that gives every one of its designs a magic and dreamlike quality. 

Exclusive and Unique Showrooms of Italian Designer Furniture Bangkok has to Offer

This is a fact particularly illustrated in its latest “Malachite” collection, which takes cues from optical illusion art. As with all of Fornasetti’s pieces, it also champions traditional artisanal techniques.

Fornasetti Bangkok Address

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