Designer Italian Wardrobes

Here is our selection of designer Italian wardrobes. Each presented solution is able to respond to different types of expectations, offer countless possibilities, guarantee the greatest possible comfort, respond to every type of need. Everything rigorously “labelled” made in Italy. So if you are looking for storage solutions for your dressing rooms, for your bedroom or for your home office, start your adventure in the world of Italian design by consulting this selection.

Our team of interior designers will present you different solutions of the best Italian brands, will guide you in the selection of materials and in the creation of the layout that best suits the different rooms of your house. For a bedroom fitted with Italian furniture we will put forward wardrobe ideas and wardrobe designs, we will accompany you step by step throughout your interior design project.

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Designer Italian Wardrobe Manufacturers

The manufacturers that we use in our projects and recommend to our customers, have over time created solutions that are increasingly innovative and able to meet the needs of contemporary society. New technologies and new sophisticated systems become part of the luxury built in wardrobes of many Italian brands, transforming them into original products with an unmistakable design

Quality, elegance and high attention to detail are always present in all the wardrobes that we present in this selection, from built-in wall cabinets to modular and more flexible solutions. Each Italian brand in this catalogue stands out for its great passion and its constant search for innovative solutions. You will always be sure to find high quality materials, functionality in the composition and beauty in the design of the product.

Our Services for your Luxury Wardrobe Design

Our team of interior designers is ready to give you the keys to the doors of the world of Italian design. We will suggest the best designer Italian wardrobes and guide you in the choice of the most suitable pieces of furniture for your home, thanks to our Italian Interior Design service. With us you will always find a wide range of options: wardrobes with sliding or transparent doors, products with new opening systems or pieces of furniture made of unique materials and with unmistakable features.

Our Furniture Selection & Supply service is able to offer you complete assistance from the beginning to the end of the process. Our experts will guide you through every phase, from the initial consultation of the various luxury built in wardrobes to the management of orders, shipping and assembly of the furniture selected by you directly on site. 

Continue your research in the world of luxury built in wardrobes by consulting our catalogue dedicated to Italian walk in closets.

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