High-End Italian Furniture Supply

Italian Furniture Suppliers

When it comes to high-end Italian design, Esperiri is your trusted Italian supplier. For the creation of unique and welcoming environments our team is ready to give you creative advice, sharing knowledge and technical support on all the collections of the best Italian furniture manufacturers. We operate as multibrand Italian furniture suppliers, simplifying the management of the procurement of mix and match projects.

Our experts work for both private clients and architects, from residential projects to larger scale projects, such as hospitality or commercial spaces.

Supply of Design off the beaten path

In addition to the supply of high end furniture brands produced in series, Esperiri will take you to lesser known realities such as Italian artisan workshops or modern art galleries, guiding you in the search and selection of unique pieces such as works of art or limited production design. We take care of the process from start to finish paying attention to pricing, shipping and assembly on site. 

And all this can be done remotely or through a real Italian design experience, visiting our studio in Milan for an Italian furniture Shopping Tour.

Italian Furniture Procurement Supply Chain

The Best Italian Design Brands & Bespoke Solutions Made in Italy

Research & Budget Management

Wide product offering & Refined Taste

We will listen carefully to every request of yours and will guide you in choosing the products of the best Italian furniture companies according to your preferences: from a completely minimalist look to an eclectic one, from classic style to contemporary luxury. The passion that binds us to this profession leads us to a constant search for

the best Italian furniture brands, paying particular attention to the  budget set by the client. Together we will manage the choice of manufacturers, furniture models and finishes, industrial design pieces or custom-made products by Italian craftsmen, to arrive at an overall price that meets your expectations.

Bespoke Italian Design Solutions

Professional technical support & Product Knowledge

Our product knowledge allows us to offer you our best technical support throughout the entire furniture design phase, both of industrial design products and custom made elements. The services offered can be different: from the configuration of more complex systems such as kitchens, equipped walls and walk-in wardrobes to the choice of dimensions,

colours and materials of the decorative elements. These operations are necessary to create balanced environments both in the use of space and light. A precise and detailed service to create with you a tailor made project that takes into consideration the essence of the project and the local architectural and cultural context.

Italian Home Decoration

Light Engineering & Sophisticated Object Research

We will guide you in the choice of fixed and loose furnishings to give the right atmosphere to the environment, from the patterns of the custom-made carpets that embellish the floor. To the selection of colors and patterns for curtains that create light effects. And again the lighting design of architectural or decorative lamps that give life to the rooms.

Closing with the selection of design objects that become iconic elements and recall the Italian tradition and passion for the noblest craft professions. These are just some of the skills that our team of Italian furnishers can offer you, studying the decorations for your Italian interiors down  to the smallest details.

Art & Limited Editions

Fine Arts Research & Procurement

For unique and exclusive spaces it is necessary to have equally rare pieces. For this reason our team of interior designers always pays great attention to the search for unique pieces of art, one&only decorations for your project.

Our experts will also guide you on a journey to discover limited editions of the most renowned Italian artists, to bring our culture and the beauty of Italian design into your home.

FF&E Procurement

Trade Accounts for Large High-End projects

We put our long standing experience as Italian furniture suppliers to design small and large projects that require high end Made in Italy. Through our Italian FF&E procurement service, we will manage the supply of products both from an economic and operational point of view, from estimating the purchase prices of

products to negotiating costs with Italian producers, creating the best opportunities for you. We will then follow the Italian furniture manufacturing process in order to respect the project timing. Our consultancy applies to the residential, hospitality and high-end retail industries.

Logistic & Delivery

End to End Global Logistics Reach

Our team of experts will deliver the products on site with a white glove service. We guarantee the maximum attention during the entire shipping process, through our freight forwarder specialized in the transport of high-end furniture, which may be by sea or by air depending on the project timeline.

Our team will make sure that everything runs smoothly: from the consolidation in our warehouse of all the selected pieces to the container loading, an activity that requires special attention to prevent any damage during transport. We will respect the set dates, delivering all the products within the deadline.

On-Site Installation

Capable Italian Craftsmanship Worldwide

Esperiri ensures the installation of the pieces of furniture directly on site, bringing the Italian craftsmanship experience anywhere in the world. A piece of art with innovative design and unique style can only be installed by expert hands.

You do not need to worry about anything, we will take care of the delivery and installation on site, thus guaranteeing a complete service.

Product Placement & Interior Designer Review

Curated Scale & Proportions

As with any quality interior design project, the intervention and supervision of the interior designer is essential. Once the assembly of all the furnishings has been completed, the head interior designer of the project will take care of the exact arrangement of the furnishings.

Their creativity and critical eye will be able to highlight all the selected products, colours and lights present in the space. Our goal is always to create a quality interior design project and to create unique and inimitable environments.

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If you are looking for Italian furniture suppliers, you can contact our team to design and supply the best pieces of Italian furniture brands and bespoke furniture solutions. 

Esperiri, your trusted Italian furniture supplier.