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From upholstered and leather covered seats to minimal wood benches, we present our exclusive selection of Italian designer benches. Comfortable and versatile in any type of environment, for example next to a king size bed or among the poufs harmoniously arranged in the living room, luxury benches are part of a wide system of seating among the furnishing items. They are linear or modular elements that can be easily adapted to very different spaces: from residential to restaurants, from waiting rooms to offices. Discover the innovative design of luxury Italian products in our “benches” catalog.

  • Civil Bench

  • Josephine

  • Klara

  • Sigmund

  • Taba

  • Volage

Luxury Benches Manufacturers

Over the years, the various Italian brands have developed detailed research on the design of luxury benches in order to achieve results such as comfort, durability and style.

From Molteni‘s minimal benches to Cassina‘s elegant solutions, from Moroso‘s eclectic design products to Fiam‘s iconic glass seats, benches become elements capable of completing a well-designed furnishing system, combining harmoniously with the seating in the living room or with the furnishings in the bedroom area, such as beds and walk-in closets. Each brand, with its own style, offers high quality Italian designer benches whose main feature is versatility.

Our Team for your Italian Designer Benches Selection

Our team of designers is ready to introduce you to the best Italian designer benches. Thanks to our Italian Interior Design service we will guide you in the selection of products that best suit the style of your home and your needs. Thanks to our Furniture Selection & Supply  service, you will find constant assistance from our experts, from the management of furniture orders to the shipment of all products directly on site.

If you are looking for authentic Italian design, contact us through our Interior Design Online service to start (even from the comfort of your own home) a unique experience and discover the true beauty of Italian products.

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