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Esperiri presents you three ideas to create your personal modern Italian living room. Discover with us authentic modern Italian living room furniture.

Three ideas for your modern Italian living room

The topic that we will cover in this article is the most-used space in a house: the living room. More precisely, we will discuss the modern Italian living room and the minimalist Italian style.

But what is meant by minimalist style? “Less is more“, said Mies van der Rohe; that is, reduce to the essence, remove all that is superfluous and focus the attention on what matters. It is a style that dates back to the 1960s when people were looking for furnishing solutions capable of imparting a pragmatic and robust character. 

The modern Italian living room furniture you’ve always wanted

The basic concept for Italian modern living room design must follow these parameters: simple lines, pure geometries, essential shapes, sober and neutral colors embellished with chromatic notes, and allusions to precious metals such as gold and copper. Minimalist does not mean only white; on the contrary, it is often associated with other colors, finishes, and materials that maximally express their essence and natural textures. This will be the guideline that we will follow throughout the Living Room Tour.

modern Italian living room concept moodboard designed by Esperiri Milano

Starting from this concept, we have created three different solutions to allow you to obtain a perfect contemporary living room, each with a different price point determined by the choice of materials and products.

Living room inspiration: When lines and geometric shapes become design

modern Italian living room material moodboard and perspective design by Esperiri Milano

As previously mentioned, the minimalist style lies in a constant search for cleanliness and simplicity. Our first proposal is the most essential: the painted white and cream walls highlight details such as the wooden floor, the moldings, and the different textures present in the furnishing elements. The hues of the fabric upholstery, the metallic details, and the lines of the coarse wool of the carpet that intersect with the patterns of the wood floor seem to constantly play off one another.

modern Italian living room furniture moodboard design by esperiri milano

In this first suggestion, we propose Italian furniture with simple shapes and lines, such as Saba‘s Avant Après sofa and New York armchairs, which stand out for their slender and essential metal structure and soft cushioning, and the round coffee tables by Zanotta. The furnishing elements are all arranged in the center of the room with the sofa facing the large window and the armchairs and low tables framing and defining the living space. As far as lighting is concerned, we decided on a lamp that represents Italian design and, at the same time, the essentiality that guided us in this first proposal. It is the magnificent Parentesi floor lamp by Achille Castiglioni produced by Flos. The simplicity of the materials and the furnishing elements makes our first proposal the least expensive, with a total cost of around 25.000 Euro.

Minimal chic: A Simple living room in beige, gold, and green

Italian mdoern living room designs by Esperiri Milano team of Italian interior designers

In the previous solution, we used extremely simple materials and furnishing elements. We now present a solution where the price point is slightly higher and where more considerable attention has been paid to detail and finishes. The total cost of this second proposal is around 36.000 Euro.

The dove-gray resin floor highlights the walls that are embellished with warm-toned travertine marble cladding and gold finishes. But the search for detail does not end here: the dark oak wood of the furnishing elements contrasts with the beige and green fabrics of the sofa and armchairs, creating an exciting interplay between neutral tones and color accents.

modern Italian living room furniture moodboard with medium priced Italian furniture pieces design by esperiri milano

In this second proposal, the choice of products is mainly based around a company that has always been committed to creating modern Italian living room furniture and has wanted to involve the most celebrated Italian designers in its family from the beginning. We are, of course, talking about Molteni&C, whose products used in this proposal include the new Gregor corner sofa with a slender structure and composed of various rectilinear elements, and the Attico collection of low tables, characterized by a simplicity of lines and a varied geometry. The lighting, on the other hand, is by Flos and Oluce, whose lamps are marked by pure shapes and white and gold finishes that enhance the space.

Touch of luxury: Combining simple lines and precious materials

modern Italian living room material moodboard and perspective design high-end solution by Esperiri Milano

We now present the last and most “precious” proposal. The walls all feature dove-gray travertine marble cladding carved and worked in the Salvatori style. We chose the Infinito texture because of the simplicity of the parallel lines that cross the surface and create a novel game of light and shadows, all embellished with geometric gold mosaic patterns.

modern Italian living room furniture moodboard with high end Italian furniture pieces design by esperiri milano

To make the walls “breathe,” and at the same time highlight the decor, one of the main features of the modern Italian living room is to arrange the furniture elements in the center of the room. The linearity of the leather-upholstered Sesann sofa by Tacchini, positioned facing the window, is broken by the continuous game of compositions created by the white and gold marble tables and the round Pastilles armchairs designed by Studio Pepe for Tacchini. The precious materials, high-end furnishing elements, and the entire Venicem lighting system bring this third proposal to a price that hangs around 53.000 Euro.

In this first edition of Italian Home Design, we wanted to help you imagine what it means to have a modern Italian living room. We searched for the best designers of designer living room furniture. We also created images, mood boards, and suggestions suitable for every need. If you are looking for modern Italian living room furniture and would like to try something unique, contact us for your interior design project and take part in our Italian furniture shopping tour.

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