Luxury Italian Bedroom

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Three proposals of luxury modern bedroom design, each with its own character and style. From the choice of nuances to the selection of furnishings, discover all the secrets to create a perfect Italian luxury bedroom.

Luxury Modern Bedroom design ideas

Imagine your bedroom as if it were the suite of your favorite hotel, but with personal items and tailor-made decorations. In fact, an ideal luxury Italian bedroom is an environment in which you can find peace, it is an environment where, in the classification of needs, your “well-being” comes first. 

These are ample spaces with large windows, often with a walk-in closet, a reading corner and a terrace. For this reason in luxury bedrooms it is important to find the right balance in the distribution of the furniture, in the choice of products and in the selection of materials so that they can offer any kind of comfort.

Inspired by materials: how to design your luxury Italian bedroom

The main inspiration for our three luxury modern bedroom design proposals comes from the beauty of the materials, their inimitable textures and their authenticity.

WOOD, a finish that stands out for its lively character, its soft grain, its warm tones. MARBLE, a material that manifests elegance and richness in every way. The golden reflections, the intersecting streaks and the light points are able to create a dynamic play on the smooth surface and a pictorial naturalism with a stunning effect. LEATHER, a durable material with many facets, multiple colors and a unique and inimitable sensitivity to touch.

A journey towards the luxury Italian bedroom ideal that starts from the raw material and turns into three different proposals, each with a studied composition of bedroom furniture and a different price positioning.

luxury Italian bedroom concept moodboard designed by Esperiri Milano

Wood, gold and green: luxury bedroom n.1

The first proposal of luxury Italian bedroom is inspired by the colors of the forest. The Arlequin boiserie in light oak behind the headboard of the bed, is enriched with green marble triangles and becomes the undisputed protagonist of this room. A colour palette that varies from the beige shades of the travertine marble floor to the shades of green present in the marble details on the wall, in the furnishing elements and in the fabric of the Glamour Damask carpet by Sirecom.

luxury modern bedroom design inspiration

The first luxury and modern Italian bedroom furniture composition is based on the research of elements with curvilinear shapes and linear and elegant design. The bed 5050 Italo by Vibieffe, with its padding in the headboard and base, perfectly matches the soft seats of the bench and armchair Chelsea by Molteni&C. The structure of the solid wood armchair is taken from the oval-shaped Kelly bedside tables by Poliform

We have selected for this first proposal the Picà walk-in closet by Zalf, with backrest and internal equipment in wood which is separated from the rest of the room by transparent sliding doors.

From the Setareh hanging lamp by Fontanaarte to the IC light table lamps by Flos and the Amanita floor lamp by Oluce, the lighting system is characterized by a light design, simple geometric shapes and gold finishes.

The price positioning of the first luxury modern bedroom design is around 42.100 Euro.

products moodboard of luxury Italian bedroom furniture made by Esperiri

Marble, brown and rust: luxury bedroom n.2

A luxury bedroom design with a strong visual impact. Entering this room, in fact, you are in front of a wall completely covered in marble. Silver wave, with its grey, gold and orange streaks, matches the white marble veins of the backlit panels, creating a breathtaking setting. The cream-colored carpeted floor highlights the brown and rust tones of the furniture and the bedroom wall, the real protagonist of this second bedroom interior design solution.

luxury modern bedroom design composition with marble wall and orange details

Contemporary furniture and luxury finishings is the mix&match we have adopted in this second solution of luxury modern bedroom design. The Como bed by Baxter, with its nubuck leather headboard, matches the upholstery of Poltrona Frau’s Obi dressers and the linear profiles of Flou’s Gentleman nightstands. The seats in the room are by Poliform: the Jane Large armchair, the pouf and the rust-colored velvet bench match the shades of Sin Titulo carpet by Living Divani

To complete the composition of the furniture is the Gliss Master closet system by Molteni&C. A walk-in closet that is characterized by its functionality and its ability to respond to any type of need. 

As for the selection of the bedroom lighting, we were inspired by the veins of marble, placing Trussardi’s Stone Lamps on the bedside tables and choosing Henge’s Superb-all spheres as pendant lamps.

The price positioning of this luxury modern bedroom design solution is around 88.100 Euro.

luxury Italian bedroom furniture moodboad and high end products composition made by Esperiri

Leather, blue and brass: luxury bedroom n.3

Elegant colors and precious materials are the main features that we have chosen for this third and latest proposal of luxury Italian bedroom. The wall behind the bed ” wears leather” with the Land boiserie, a modular system that consists of cream-colored tiles, peacock blue nubuck leather and mirrors framed by golden profiles. A color palette that matches the furnishings and contrasts with the dark tones of the parquet

It is a solution in which the care for every detail and the richness of the finishes leads it to a higher price positioning around 117.800 Euro.

luxury modern bedroom design composition with blue details designed by Esperiri Milano

Along the main wall is placed the Grace bed by Rugiano, with a high headboard framed by a metal frame and combined with the Arthur bench by Rugiano

Brass, in addition to the profiles of the bed, is also found in other furnishing elements, such as the slender legs of the Romy bedside tables by Mood by Flexform, the high Orione dressers by Promemoria, the frame of the Stardust mirror by Baxter and the metal frame of the Copine armchair by Porada in blue velvet.

By opening the glass sliding doors inside the bedroom you enter Boffi’s Antibes walk-in closet, a system that is characterized by its essential lines and modularity. 

To complete the composition of furniture the Bolle hanging lamp by Gallotti&Radice, luminous spheres and suspended points of light able to create a unique environment and a completely luxurious atmosphere.

luxury Italian bedroom furniture composition made by Esperiri

Here for you our three proposals of luxury modern bedroom design with luxury furniture in pure and genuine Italian style. If you are looking for modern contemporary inspirations do not miss our proposals of Modern Italian bedroom.

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