Italian bedroom design ideas

Italian Bedroom Design & Style

Walking through the living area of your house and leaving it behind, you find yourself in the most private area of the house: you enter the bedroom. A place where you can relax, an environment where you can experience a constant feeling of comfort and well-being. This is why it is

important to create an Italian bedroom design that allows you to express your way of being through the right choice of furniture, colors and accessories. Minimal, modern, classic, luxurious, eclectic, this is the room that can and must represent to the maximum ourselves and our style.

Italian Bedroom Decor

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Our Italian Style Bedroom Concepts

We propose a series of bedroom ideas, each with its own character and atmosphere. Precisely because we know how important it is to be able to personalize and make your bedroom unique in an interior design project, we have decided to create different Italian style bedroom compositions, some in a modern style, others with a precious wall behind the headboard of the bed, others with brightly colored fabrics and decorations. 

Each proposal has been created to inspire you but also to guide you by giving a price positioning to each design bedroom concept.

Concept of modern Italian bedroom design made by Esperiri team

Modern Bedroom

Creating an evocative and unique atmosphere was our starting point for the proposals of modern Italian bedroom design. Light and bright walls, earthy tones, accents of precious materials, simple geometrical furnishings, chandeliers with minimalist features and pure shapes are just some of the features present in this collection of modern style suggestions.

Concept of luxury Italian bedroom design made by Esperiri team

Luxury Bedroom

Whether it is a master bedroom or a room with a single bed, the luxury bedrooms are distinguished by careful attention to every detail. We have created a succession of images in which the raw material is integrated into the home decor and finishes of each piece of furniture. The wall is covered in wood which is at the same time the structure of the bedside tables, marble is on the top of the dresser and covers the floor, leather is both in the headboard of the bed and in the upholstery of the armchairs. Three unique luxury Italian style bedroom compositions.

High-end Bedroom Design & Italian Interior Designers

When you start thinking about the design of your Italian bedroom, you find yourself thinking about how to create a room that should represent your style and your way of being. It’s here that the figure of the interior designer plays a basic role. Having a guide in this long journey can be essential : the creative skills and knowledge of our team of Italian interior designers will be precious in the creation of the right color schemes and the right room furniture composition. 

Every meeting, every exchange of ideas and every confrontation during the design phase will be important moments for the creation of your personal Italian style bedroom.

Italian style bedroom furniture set composition

Italian Bedroom Furniture

After defining the concept that will serve as a guideline in the interior project, we arrive at the second phase of the design process, the choice of furniture. The different Italian brands have always distinguished themselves for their own style and characteristics. Each one, with its own product catalog, is able to offer a wide range of options based on the design you are looking for.

Whether the furniture has a more contemporary style or a more classic and luxurious character, every Italian manufacturer guarantees a constant research of high quality materials and a continuous technological development. Our designers will then help you in the search for the furniture that best meets your expectations and needs.

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Designer beds ideas and Italian style bedroom

Designer beds

The choice of bed is definitely the first thing to do when you are thinking about your Italian bedroom design. This is because it will be the style finishes and color of the bed that will determine the selection of all the

other elements of furniture and accessories. Bed with high or low headboard, slender frame or upholstered base, wooden, steel or leather profiles: the options are endless.

Designer wardrobes and walk-in closets compositions and Italian style bedroom

Designer wardrobes and walk-in closets

In addition to the bed, the choice of closet or cabin is also a fundamental moment during the furnishing phase. The parameters to consider are: functionality, large

capacity even in tight spaces, innovative opening systems, freedom of composition of internal accessories, high quality materials, modularity and flexibility in size.

Designer drawer units and Italian bedroom design composition

Designer drawer units

For your maximum comfort it is important to study the right distribution of storage elements inside your Italian style bedroom. On the bedside tables at the sides of the bed we place

our personal items and table lamps. In the low drawers or chests of drawers we keep our clothes and accessories. Many different elements, each one suitable to meet different types of needs.

Designer accessories and Italian bedroom design composition

Designer accessories

The accessories and furnishings, coordinated with the bed, closet and finishes of the room, take on a fundamental role in the composition of the bedroom sets: the mirror in front of which we get

ready in the morning, the bench where we sit comfortably to wear our shoes, the armchair where we enjoy our best moments of relaxation reading our favourite book.