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Walls with minimal textures, geometric designs, chromatic reflections and contrasting materials. Boiserie is a luxury wall panelling that decorates the interior walls with coverings that can be of various finishes. Multilayer wood elements, flush with the wall, natural stone, oak, metal, marble, walnut or larch are able to offer, each with its own characteristics and material properties, a different style to the environments. 

To give a touch of elegance and personalize the rooms of your home in a unique way, from the living room to the bedroom, from the dining room to your private study, check out our exclusive selection of Italian wall panels and rely on our interior design services.

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Italian Wall Panels Manufacturers

Boiserie has a very long history. Since the 17th century, luxury wall panelling has been used to decorate interiors and to cover the walls of ceremonial rooms. A precious and elegant decoration on which beautiful inlays or paintings were made. Today boiserie has become an element to create unique environments and suggestive atmospheres in your home.

The various Italian brands, from Emmemobili to Laura Meroni, from De Castelli to Salvatori, thanks to the use of natural materials, craftsmanship and a study of the material properties, have created collections of decor wall panels with a sophisticated modern design. Linear and geometric patterns, plays of light and shadow on the surfaces, chromatic contrasts, engravings and minimal designs together with high quality and innovative technologies for wall fixing make all the solutions of Italian wall panels unique in their kind and inimitable in their style

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How to create the right combination of colors and materials for luxury Italian wall panels to be used in different rooms of your home? Our team of designers, through our Italian Interior Design service, is ready to help you create a perfect home decor according to your style and your needs. Logistics, order management, shipping and white glove assembly directly on site is guaranteed through our complete Furniture Selection & Supply service.

From today we can reach you anywhere in the world also through our Interior Design Online service: we will accompany you and help you to build a unique project for the interior of your home. Start an unforgettable experience to discover the true beauty of the products of our country with our guidance!

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