High-End Home Staging

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Luxury Home Staging

Our team offers luxury home staging and luxury virtual staging services to improve your property. Enhancing the existing is the watchword. Together with us you can create a restyling project for your property, increasing its value for a future sale. 

Our luxury home staging service aims at improving  the presentation of your property, drawing the attention of more prospective buyers. It is a service offered to both private individuals and agencies dealing with real estate markets.

Through the implementation of small interventions of high-end design, your luxury properties will be enhanced and their value will be increased, a winning strategy for a fast and profitable sale.

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Increase your Property Price…

luxury home staging and small interventions of high-end design

… with a minimum investment

Our High-end Home Staging Services

State of Affairs

The first phase involves the study of the state of affairs. Our experts will examine your property, analyzing the floor plans and considering all their characteristics, such as size, strengths and weaknesses. All this information will be necessary to be able to hypothesize and generate a project proposal, including costs and time of realization. The suggested interventions will be aimed at enhancing the spaces.

Virtual reality for your Luxury Home Staging

After analyzing your property, our team can offer you a virtual home-staging service. You’ll be able to “walk” through the rooms of your property, looking at the virtual furniture, new colors, new lights or pieces of art that will warm your home, creating a new look. 

Our luxury virtual staging service aims at helping you sell the property faster and at a higher price. You’ll be able to show your buyers a virtual home without having to actually invest in your property, preventing any restyling work and product purchase.

Physical staging: procurement and logistics

Once the restyling project has been defined, we are ready for the physical staging of the new look designed for your home. We can offer a complete service, taking care of the preparation and assembly of the design and art pieces selected by you. In our luxury home staging projects we always offer 100% made in Italy high quality and highly recommended scenic objects. 

The changes aim at making a strong first impression arousing emotions in potential buyers, making your property more desirable.

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Italian Smart Procurement…

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Discover the best of the Italian Interior Design with Esperiri Team of Interior Designers

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If you need to give more value to your property for an effective sale, contact our team at Esperiri. With our luxury home staging and luxury virtual staging services your buyers will be able to see the true value of the place and this will increase their motivation to meet the price. Rely on the expert hands of our home stagers to sell your property quickly. Italian style and high quality guaranteed.