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A guide to learn how the best online interior design services work and have your home designed by the best online interior designers.

The best Online Interior Design Services

Technology has changed our habits and has become a fundamental part of our lives. In our work as well as in our free time, we spend most of our time online, where we can now find a lot of services, including interior design.

In fact, there are many platforms on the web that are proposed as a valid support for those looking for interior design professionals to design or renovate their home. 

For people who cannot go out – as most of us in this unpleasant lockdown – or do not have time to visit a designer, a remote interior design consultancy can be a valid alternative to the traditional interior design service. Here is therefore a collection of international websites offering the best interior design services online

a contemporary living room with flexform furniture design by the best online interior designers esperiri milano

The design platforms with the best online interior designers

Each platform has its own characteristics and methods, knowing the differences is very important in order to choose the most suitable to meet your needs. These online design portals in fact, provide access to a wide range of creativity skills and consequently price positioning.


Decorilla, for example, is one of the best online interior design services, designed to put selected professional designers in contact with potential clients who are looking for an interior design service at an affordable price. The service is aimed at an international clientele, although home assistance is also provided for those who live in the United States.

Decorilla proposes the design of the interiors room by room. The proposals delivered to customers are created by the best online interior designers who are part of their team. Two concept proposals are delivered to the client so that they can choose the favorite designer.

Taking into account style, budget and size of the intervention, the designers provide a plan with the layout of the furniture. Only the selected designer goes on to detail the proposal with the indication of the colours for the finishes and the price list of the elements to be inserted concluding the service with the 3D render of the final project.


Among the best online interior design services is also Havenly, a platform launched in 2014 which targets a mid-market segment. To receive a customized interior design project from them you have to choose between two flat rate packages.

The classic package is the consultancy for the restyling of an existing space while the complete service concerns the design of an entire room from scratch. In both cases the client is given a moodboard with the list of furniture to be included in their project, chosen among the brands Havenly collaborates with.

Those who choose the complete interior design service also receive a 3D view of the project and the furnished floor plan. The matching between the client and the designer, who will provide their service online, is done through Havenly. To know the profiles of the best online interior designers on this platform you need to answer a style quiz. The client selects finished projects and possible color combinations. This phase is very important in an online consultation. It allows interior designers to learn about the client’s taste but at the same time the client learns something more about the style and expertise of the available interior designers.

Online interior design for Italian design lovers

Esperiri Milano

For those who have clear ideas and want to furnish their home only with high-end Italian design the solution is Esperiri. The service is aimed at customers positioned at the top end of the market, interested in a quality service both in the design and in the range of products.

Our design service in fact, is carried out by the best Italian online interior designers who are always updated on the latest Italian design news. Esperiri is a traditional studio with a long history, composed of interior design professionals ready to offer a turnkey design service. In 2016 we added our Italian interior design online service, designed to give easy access to the best Made-in-Italy design, to meet the needs of our international clientele.

the online interior design process by esperiri milano the best online interior design service

The process is started by answering an online home decor questionnaire, essential to determine the client’s style. This first step, when the client is shown pictures of finished projects, is essential to find the inspiration for the initial concept. In this phase sites and platforms like Pinterest are also helpful, both to let the client familiarize with Esperiri’s style and to determine the client’s taste.

inspirational pictures of high end Italian designer kitchens part of esperiri discover your Italian home decor style
pinterest board of one of the best online interior design service provider

Our experience accumulated over the years in the field of traditional design work is fundamental in order to offer the best online interior design services through technological and process innovation. This is because the creative processes do not change with an online interior design service. The difference lies in the way in which we interact with the client and share the progress of creativity. In fact, it is technology that supports us and thanks to it we can follow every phase of the project step by step, updating the client remotely via emails or conference calls. We rely on screen sharing to review 3D renderings alternatively we can organize presentations in virtual reality.

When the creative phase is over, we lead our customer through the project realization process. Shopping lists of the selected products are within the deliverables that our designers share with the client. They can be used by the customer to purchase the products locally. More conveniently, our customers can also rely on our Italian partners, and access Made in Italy design at more favorable conditions, directly in their country of origin.

The specified pieces of furniture can also be custom designed by our interior designers and made by Italian craftsmen. We provide our know-how to put the customer in touch with the excellence of Italian design. 

For tailor made projects such as kitchens, wardrobes or wall panels we often need the measurements to be verified. If the floorplans are not clear enough to have the precise measurements, we either rely on a local professional measurer or our staff takes care of it directly, moving to the location.

Esperiri really takes care of all the phases of the project, from the production of customized products, to the delivery and installation. Our team of specialized Italian craftsmen is in fact ready to install projects anywhere in the world.

Clients who share a real passion for Italian design can also join our Italian furniture shopping tour for something truly unique. In this case, Esperiri will plan an exclusive shopping experience. We will shorten the distance and take our clients to discover the best of Made in Italy design in the places where everything is born.

The best online interior design services at fixed rates


This platform offers one of the best online interior design services, especially for restyling already existing environments such as living rooms, dining rooms or home offices. The client is offered diverse packages of services

As usual, the client has to answer questions of the style quiz by specifying the requests of the project. The photos are fundamental, while the floorplan is not essential. At the first step, for each package, Modsy provides two moodboards with the room draft design elaborated by one of their best online interior designers on the platform.

3d render of one of the best online interior design services provider

After selecting the favourite project the client also chooses the designer to work with, who, taking into account style and budget, delivers a 3D rendering and the list of products. The client can request unlimited revisions until they get the project they want. 

Modsy collaborates with several retailers also offering the possibility to buy furniture. A personal shopper of Modsy takes care of the purchase and shipping of the products, which arrive at the customer’s home.

shopping list by modsy one of the best online interior designer


In the top five list of the best online interior design services there is also Decorist. This online interior design platform offers the customer the possibility to choose the designer to rely on immediately. Just browse the list and view the profiles of the best online interior designers on the site. Two levels of service are offered: free consultation, where users can send questions to Decorist designers for basic advice and three paid packages for a complete review of the room. The paid packages Decorist Classic, Decorist Elite and Decorist Celebrity differ according to the experience and popularity of the designers. 

decorist one of the best online interior design services provider

If the client is not sure which designer fits his style and budget, the matching with the designer can be done through the platform.

As always, to start the project with the best online interior design services, you must provide information about the space to be furnished, the budget and select some design inspiration photos. Interior designers at Decorist can elaborate the design concept for a room using only the style quiz, but users are invited to create their own Pinterest tab with their favorite looks. The initial proposals with the project concept are always two for each package. After an early feedback, the designer works with the client to finalize the project. The interior designer in charge will assist the client during the design by communicating through an internal chat. 

The final deliverables are a floor plan with installation instructions, the shopping list and the possibility to join the complimentary ordering service.

After our analysis of the top 5 best online interior design services, if you are looking for an exclusive high-end Italian design service for your home, you can contact our Italian interior designers or start your online interior design project by filling out our home style decor form.

And if you would like to discover more about the online process, you can read our hire an Italian interior designer online guide.

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