Interior Design Process Steps Part 1

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Our team is ready to show you a detailed process dedicated to the world of design. Discover the Interior Design Project Phases of a High-End Design Project with Us. Let’s Start from Meet&Greet and some Interior Design Inspiration.

Interior Design Project Phases: the Process #1!

Our experts will follow you through every step of the interior design process, from the first meeting to learn about your needs to the first interior design inspiration with the aim of creating the house of your dreams.

From your personality to our interior design inspirations: start your journey and live an authentic Italian design experience

Setting up an interior design project means taking a journey. But it’s not just any trip. We are talking about the kind of adventure that proceeds in stages, that step by step takes you to meet different people and places. Are you ready to start this tour?

Start your journey discovering the interior design process steps in the first map


Home as reflection of self

Meeting, getting to know each other, and having an exchange of ideas is the first step. It is a fundamental step, perhaps the most important among the different interior design project phases. 

So why is this stage so important? The main reason is that an interior design project starts from you, your needs and your wishes. Discovering what your habits, your stylistic tastes and real needs are is a unique moment. Our team of professional interior designers are ready to give life to your ideas, always suggesting innovative and creative solutions.

Meet and greet is the first step among all the interior design project phases

Existing condition & Architecture

The second phase that must be addressed, among the interior design process steps, is the analysis of the state of affairs and the environment in which the project is developed.

In order to achieve the right space planning, we take into consideration the architectural components of the house as well as the local culture. Starting from this analysis, we will arrive at a final design project that reflects your way of living. And all this, of course, always guided by pure and authentic Made in Italy design.

Take photos of the environment is very important for the interior design inspiration development


Project management also takes into account the budget you decide to set. Our team, in fact, is able to offer you the best made-in-Italy solutions, always ensuring a fair balance between quality and price in line with your project budget.

An effective cost planning is essential in an interior design project, so as to be able to develop the project to its best. Well aware of the possibility of an increase of costs as we carry out the project, our experts will guide you in the best choices to keep within the established budget.

In the first part of interior design process steps there is the budget management and the composition of the first price table


Continuing on this journey we arrive at the third stage, the interior design inspiration phase. It is here that we start the project development phase, creating the first design concepts and the first sketches. We begin to draw the floor plans and we begin to think about what the guideline to follow could be, usually starting from the kitchen and the bathrooms and then moving on to the living room and the sleeping area. 

The first moodboards, photo collages, color compositions and materials that will compose the “albums” of this incredible adventure come to life in this creative moment. 

Even if the journey into the interior world has already begun, we can consider moodboards as maps on which we can find the traces of your desires and our creative proposals. We collect interior design inspirations to create a tailor made project suitable for your personality. The possibilities are endless: minimalist or eclectic style? Luxury or classic design? Black and white or a colour palette with lively accents? What remains to discover is the option that suits you best.

Reaching the basic concept and the guideline to follow along all the interior design process steps are objectives that we want to achieve at the end of this third stage.

Interior design inspiration moodboard concept by Esperiri

Ready to take the journey? There are many phases in an interior design project and our team of architects and designers is ready to guide you through every stage of it thanks to a complete 360° Italian Interior Design service. 

There are no longer limits to the search for the right interior design inspiration: we have decided to shorten the distances allowing you to live an “Italian” adventure while staying at home, thanks to technology and our Italian Interior Design Online service. Our experts will listen to you and propose the best home decor solutions. Discover what Esperiri can offer you. 

Continue the journey by reading the process#2 to discover the next steps to give life to your interior design project.

Your unique Interior Design Project developed by Italian Professionals.

Discover and shop Made in Italy while living the Italian lifestyle in Milano.