Italian style living room with a white sofa and blue wooden wall panelling with gold vertical stripes

Italian Living Room Style

Designing one’s living room is a journey that must be approached taking into account many aspects, and style comes first. Once you have established the objectives you want to achieve, you will be able to move within the world of design by discovering the right color palette, materials and

especially the furniture elements that best meet your stylistic taste. Minimal or eclectic? Luxurious or classic? Modern or bohemian? The possibilities are endless, what’s left to discover is which Italian living room decor is best able to represent your personality and taste.

Italian Living Room Decor

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Our Italian Style Living Room Concepts

If you want to find out what a living room designed and furnished in authentic Italian style would look like, our team of interior designers have put themselves at stake by creating different concepts of luxury, minimal and contemporary living room. We have conceived and designed a series of proposals, all different from each other, in order to be able to guide you in the best way in the choice of furniture for your home both in terms of style and budget.

Italian living room decor for a modern living room concept developed by Esperiri Milano

Modern Living Room

Essentiality and simplicity are the project guidelines. Furniture with linear shapes and simple geometries, finishes for the coverings with light and elegant nuances, light points in gold and chromatic notes with bright and lively tones, these are just some of the characteristics of a modern living room. Focusing on what is really essential is the guideline to follow for an interior project with a modern style.

Luxury Living Room

For those who prefer furnishings with soft lines, elegant decorations and environments enriched with precious materials, designing a luxury Italian style living room is the ideal solution. The secret is to focus in particular on the details, which if carefully studied can really make an impression. Therefore, to create a sitting room with an elitist atmosphere, we are constantly in search of the best luxury furniture and precious materials from the best Italian manufacturers.

High-end Living Room Design & Italian Interior Designers

A high-end interior design project is an operation that requires a great deal of attention, from the choice of furnishings to the selection of materials and the definition of each decoration. For this reason professional interior designers are necessary to have a general control over the whole project. Through the technical drawings, the study of the proportions of the spaces, the moodboard compositions and above all their creative vision, you and our interior designers will be able to give life to the luxury living room you have in mind.

Italian style living room with molteni sofa by vincent van duysen and big windows on a very green private garden

Italian Living Room Furniture

If the main objective is to create a quality interior design project, it is necessary to go in search of high-end finishes and furnishings. Thanks to the different know-how developed over the years, each Italian company is characterized by its own way of processing the materials and producing unique

objects, thus giving the chance to generate different types of Italian style living room. Well aware that each manufacturer identifies itself for their specific qualities, our designers are ready to create together with you the perfect mix of pieces of furniture, materials and decorations able to meet your expectations and your taste.

Looking for your perfect piece of Designer furniture?

Designer sofas

The choice of the sofa is perhaps the most important step in an Italian living room decor project. This is because the sofa is one of the most important pieces in the

composition of the furniture. It is therefore necessary to choose the right manufacturer as well as the finishes, shape, style and design that best suit your taste.

molteni armchair designed by gio ponti

Designer armchairs

The armchair, another essential piece in the living room, is one of the main elements to be included in the composition of the Italian style living room.

From large and soft seats to unique pieces of art, each armchair will be able to create the right style and atmosphere for your sitting room.

505 wall system by molteni&c

Designer wall units

In an overall view of the living area, the wall units and bookcases become an element of completion in the composition of the furnishings. Whether they are positioned flush with the wall or, thanks to their self-supporting

capabilities, are in the centre of the room, the role of the wall units is to efficiently store objects used for everyday activities and to display art objects and unique design pieces.

designer sideboard by baxter a luxury Italian sideboard producer

Designer sideboards

The cupboards or sideboards are a further element to be added to your Italian living room decor. Cupboards are precious storage elements and shelves help to display ornaments in the composition of the

furniture of the living area. From the more minimalist style to those with more luxurious and refined decorations, each brand is able to offer products with different styles and designs.