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Italian Interior Design Online

If you are searching for an Italian design firm to develop your high-end project, but don’t have easy access, look no further than Esperiri and our innovative Italian Interior Design Online service. Our aim is to create something unique and apply technological evolution to our passion and experience in design.

Our end-to-end service is simple and efficient, as it allows you to gain access to our know-how and the wide world of Made in Italy with just one click. We listen, create, and then make your unique design project real with our team of Italian craftsmen.

Your project is in the safe hands of passionate, experienced Italian interior designers.

Interior Design Experts

Ours is a team of designers who have been handed down their passion for the world of interior design by more than three generations. What makes us different is the experience and enthusiasm that we put in all the high-end projects we undertake, which  always lead us to achieve high quality objectives. Our architects and designers, guided by our art director, always work with one great goal: to create something that can meet all your needs.

famous Italian interior designer Rachele Pellegatta

Direct Access to Italian Design

Are you curious to discover what Italian design can offer you?

Get inspired by our team of design experts, they will give you the keys to the world of interior design, high-end Italian production and made in Italy craftsmanship. Thanks to our online interior design services you will have easy access to our exclusive network of professionals and companies. A network capable of unique ideas and results.

Unique High-End, Tailor-Made Projects

Unique, bespoke Italian interiors by Esperiri will leave you amazed. Every project is a piece of customized art.

To give life to something exclusive we strongly believe in the collaboration and integration of our know-how with the local customs. We want to create a project that can achieve a unique result and provide a new design perspective. Our Italian interior designers will undertake a creative journey with local architects and contractors to create a mix of atmospheres and suggestions that can best meet all your needs.

Buy at the Place of Origin

A further advantage of starting an online interior design project with us is to have the possibility to buy all the products in Italy, the country of origin. A greater offer of products and customization, guarantee of authenticity and better purchasing conditions are among the pluses that you can profit from with us.

Project Selection

Discover some projects developed by our team of Italian interior designers.

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Our Italian Interior Design Process

Our interior design consultation is your first step towards your new bespoke interior.

I. Tell Us About Yourself

The entire process begins with our Home Style Form developed to build the first draft of your interior design preferences. It is simple, easy-to-follow and will give us the perspective we need to understand your desires. In this phase, customers are asked to share any materials that they have access to such as 2D plans, images and Pinterest boards.

II. We Design

  • Artistic research: We generate ideas catering to your needs.
  • Habits and Space: We organize the space based on your habits and finding the right balance between function and style.
  • Materials: We proceed to select materials for floors and walls through mood boards.
  • Technical Drawings: We outline the position of the furniture, lighting, plumbing and other vital aspects with the help of accurate 2D/3D drawings.
  • Furniture Selection: We choose the furniture, home decoration and pieces of art to compliment your interior.

III. You Review and We Adjust

This stage is rather crucial as we give you the opportunity to review the design work through emails, video calls or through our virtual reality service. We then adjust the plan to fit your specifications and ensure that it is a perfect fit for you.

IV. Furniture Procurement or Shopping Tour

Once you have reviewed the plans for your house design, it’s time for you to purchase the project and begin to furnish it. Leave the procurement of your project to our design team or travel to Italy and see it all for yourself through our Italian furniture shopping tour.

V. Stress-Free Logistics

Delegate the logistics and assembly to our professional Italian craftsmen. We organise the logistics to your country, anywhere you like. Our legacy proves our global reach.

plumbing technical drawings used for a project in shanghai when our italian interior designers were hired online

Would you like to discover more about the process?

Read our Hire an Italian Interior Designer Online guide



  • Concept Board
  • Moodboards with Colour palette & Materials
  • Furniture Layout
  • Furniture Proposal
  • Ambience Decoration
  • 2 Reviews


  • Concept Board
  • Moodboards with Colour palette & Materials
  • Furniture Layout
  • Furniture Proposal
  • Ambience Decoration
  • 2 Reviews
  • Internal Wall Division
  • Elevations
  • Electrical & Plumbing


  • Concept Board
  • Moodboards with Colour palette & Materials
  • Furniture Layout
  • Furniture Selection & Budget Management
  • Ambience Decoration
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Internal Wall Division
  • Elevations
  • Electrical & Plumbing
  • 3D rendering or Virtual Reality
  • On-Site Visit

Virtual Reality and Italian Interior Design

This is a new and innovative experience that we have developed to enable our customers to preview their home with Virtual Reality Technology. We are able to create a realistic and riveting example of what your house will be. Once you have received this, take your time to review it and see if there is anything you would like to change. If it fits your needs and preferences you can enjoy the VR preview and experience.

graphic design of the team of Italian interior designers of esperiri milano

Our Italian Interior Designers

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who strive for greatness in every aspect of their careers. We are Italian interior designers and architects who are constantly up-to-date with the latest trends. Our individual experiences and finely tuned techniques allow us to adapt to any variables of any project. Rachele, our head architect and designer and the director of our creative department, combines her diligent research (that stems from all over the world) with a well-defined interior design vision. Thanks to our design studio, your design dreams will become a reality.

Our Network & Partners

Network of Renowned Brands

Our studio is linked to numerous design brands and high-end manufacturers. Names that guarantee quality and first class made to measure results. You won’t need to worry about orders and deadlines, we will take care of everything by interfacing with the respective productions, guaranteeing the best conditions on exclusive authentic Italian products.

Craftsmanship and Italian Bespoke Furniture

For unique room designs that stand out, our team of high-end interior designers often work with many craftsmen and manufacturers to design and produce Bespoke furniture. We are ready to create with you and our craftsmen one & only quality pieces that highlight the artistic and artisan skills of the Italian tradition.

Design Made in Italy

Italian Furniture Shopping List

After the Italian Interior Design project is complete, Esperiri offers you the opportunity to make use of our Shopping List in 2 different ways:

  • The Furniture Shopping List – This is a list of furniture pieces composed by us following the completion of your Design Plan. You can use this list to buy the specified pieces of furniture in your country to achieve your ideal Interior Design style.
  • Italian Partners – This option capitalizes on our relationships with our Italian partners as they supply you with everything. The best part is that our partners guarantee the best prices on the market.

Furniture Shopping Tour In Italy

Esperiri offers a unique opportunity to travel to Milan design capital and shop for furniture designed in one of the countries most famed for their design and style. Thanks to our Shopping Tour Service we take care of your entire trip from organizing your transportation to carefully choosing and booking the most stunning design hotels and spectacular restaurants that are bound to impress. While you experience all that Italy has to offer in the most hassle-free way possible, we create your ideal designer home and help you choose the perfect pieces. We take into consideration all of your preferences to create an experience that is tailor-made for you. From your transportation to your hotel, we will choose what is best suited to you. During your trip, we will also ensure that you embrace every aspect of the Italian lifestyle from food to wine and local traditions as well as indulge in some relaxation.

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