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Design, elegance, uniqueness. Three words that perfectly identify and describe Cassina armchairs, recognized all over the world and perfect for any environment. Discover with us how you can create and customize your Cassina armchair, from the selection of the model to the choice of finishes, colors and textures of fabrics or leathers that best suit the style of your home.

Mix&Match: Cassina armchairs

There are some Cassina armchairs that stand out for their iconicity and for their role as pillars and inimitable objects that have marked and built the history of this great Italian brand.  

First of all we present LC3, designed by the great masters Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand in 1928. An armchair that manifests in all aspects the ideals of modernity of those years, in which the simple but meticulously studied structure harmonically relates to the four “free” cushions arranged inside the metal cage.

In the ’50s Marco Zanuso designed the Lady armchair, an object with soft and elegant lines that emerges from the rest thanks to its technological innovations and the use of new materials.

Last but not least, we have the Utrecht armchair, designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, the successful result of a study that starts from the Dutch experimental vision of the decomposition of forms and aims at obtaining a comfortable armchair in which to relax.

Our three proposals stem from the desire to show you how to customize the Cassina armchairs, from the choice of materials to their final price positioning, and how to combine them with other furnishing elements in different rooms of the house. 

LC3 Lady and Utrecht Cassina armchairs design

LC3 Cassina armchair

Modern style is the keyword of the first composition starring Cassina designer LC3 armchair. The metal frame painted in pastel green and the ivory leather upholstery places this LC3 armchair at a total price of 5.255 Euro

Continuing the line of neutral nuances, we have combined the armchair with the round shaped material tables Louisa by Molteni&C furniture and the floor lamp Twiggy by Foscarini with its minimalist style.

LC3 Cassina armchair moodboard composition

An armchair, two coffee tables and a floor lamp make a simple composition that at the same time warms and enriches the rooms, such as the entrance of a living room, a waiting room or a reading corner inside a studio. 

The soft tones and light, simple lines of the furnishing objects create a harmonious composition in a space where pastel colors, shiny surfaces and textures with refined chromatic contrasts prevail.

Cassina armchairs inspirations made by Esperiri

LADY Cassina armchair

The second option that we propose among the Cassina armchairs compositions is the elegant Lady armchair, designed by Marco Zanuso in 1951. The soft shapes of the upholstered furniture, covered with a cream-colored fabric, seem almost suspended in the air, thanks to thin brass legs. The choice of these finishes places the armchair at a total price of 3.240 Euro

The rounded lines of Lady match with the shelves of the Aura bookcase by Arflex furniture, while the rigidity of the tubular structure of the feet is found in the Tubes 3 Pendant lamps by Nemo Lighting.

Lady Cassina armchair moodboard composition

Immersed in oceanic shades, from the delicate blue of the walls to the sand-colored floor, the Lady armchair, the bookcase and Nemo’s “floating” lights are arranged in the space, recreating a perfect reading corner where you can relax and enjoy moments of tranquility.

The beams of light from the lamps and the natural light that comes in through the window create a play of reflections on the white armchair, highlighting it and making it the absolute protagonist of this composition. 

Cassina armchairs inspirations with Lady chair designed by Esperiri

UTRECHT Cassina armchair

Utrecht is our third proposal among the several Cassina armchairs. The solemnity of the shapes of this armchair has led us to choose a luxurious burgundy fabric as the finish for the upholstery, assembled on the geometric padding with a blanket stitching. A real touch of class that places this armchair at a total price of 5.890 Euro.

Combined with Utrecht we propose the spherical coffee table Bong by Cappellini furniture and the Soft Wall separè by B&B Italia.

Utrecht Cassina armchair moodboard composition

A series of sculptural objects: an armchair with disjointed shapes, a spherical marble coffee table and a parallelepiped shaped storage container placed between two rooms create a composition that in some ways resembles metaphysical paintings.

The background of this setting is a palette of earthy, warm and natural colors, to recreate a comfortable look in a space where you can escape from reality.

Cassina armchairs inspirations with Utrecht designed by Esperiri

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