Italian Interior Design Service

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Italian Interior Design

Boutique Design Studio in Milan

Our studio, based in Milan, provides Italian interior design services, combining creativity with authentic Made in Italy production to shape high-end interior design projects.

Our team, guided by the rich background of our art director, has worked on interior projects all over the world. In our daily search for novelties, we expand our knowledge and renew our creativity in order to offer you unique projects that can surprise you while meeting all your needs. We want Italian design to be the perfect setting for your life and your home.

High end Interior Design

Italian interior design experience and innovative solutions

Fresh Design Expertise

Our team of interior designers is ready to offer you the right key to Italian design style. Thanks to the strong passion of our professionals, and the wide experience in both interior and product design handed down from generation to generation, you will have direct access to conscious and fresh ideas. We will find the solutions best suited to your desires, balancing functionality and beauty in a different way for each project. Quality and passion are the two watchwords we adopt and follow in all our high-end projects.

Italian interior design unique services by esperiri team

Unique Turnkey Projects

Esperiri design studio is able to offer you a complete service, assisting and accompanying you step by step in the design process. Our attention is focused on every detail of the interior design: from the research of the materials for the surfaces to the design of the spaces, from the layout of the furniture to the choice of the most suitable finishes, from the realization of unique pieces through collaboration with listed artists to the site management. The wide network of professionals, design companies, furniture designers and craftsmen linked to our studio allows us to offer you a complete package and to carry out a full spectrum interior project. A service dedicated to both interior projects for new architectural structures and complete restyling and renovation.

Our Project Selection

Our Italian Interior Design Process

italian interior design first project phase

About you

Getting to know you is perhaps the most important step in the whole design process. Talking with you about your interests, your habits, your lifestyle, your needs and your desires is a moment that we consider unique and essential. All this information, integrated with extensive research on the culture and architecture of the building site, will allow us to hypothesize the first concepts, which will become the guideline to be followed throughout the design phase. 

high end interior designers inspirations and materials solutions


The design of interior spaces always requires great attention to detail. There is a deep relationship between spaces, colours and materials and the dialogue between these elements is the secret for a harmonious and successful and results. 

In order to realize a perfect luxury interior design project, there will often be moments of exchange and, while enjoying a good coffee and pastry, we can discuss your project in our studio. Meeting each other will be an essential moment to examine the moodboards of the materials, to find inspiration, to discuss lighting and plumbing designs and to discover the infinite solutions that the Made-in-Italy design has to offer.

italian interior design project and site management

Site Management

Our team of top interior designers will always be at your side starting from the surveys and the first inspections necessary to design and draft Italian interior design solutions.  

We will also follow the executive project during the realization and implementation phase. Under our supervision, builders and professionals in the real estate industry such as electricians, plumbers, door and window fitters will give life to the high-end interior design project, which will respect our project specifications.

discover high end interior design throughout Esperiri Italian shopping tour

Italian Shopping Tour

With us in Milan you will have the opportunity to see first hand the products of the Made-in-Italy design, from the iconic and award-winning objects of the great Italian brands to the unique and tailor-made elements of our craftsmen and the designs of our high-end interior designers. Let yourself be guided by our experts on a shopping tour that will help you discover the true beauty and unique quality of Italian design. Ateliers, art galleries, showrooms and craft workshops will be just a few steps on a magnificent journey into the world of design.

high end interior design furniture procurement and installation by Italian craftsmen

Procurement & Installation

Once the design phase is completed, our project managers will take care of the ordering and procurement of materials and products. They will plan the white glove delivery and the installation of the interior project together with our craftsmen. The site will also be supervised in every phase by the interior designer responsible for the project, from the arrangement of the furniture to the preparation of the house with the careful positioning of objects, textiles and pieces of art.

Our Studio in Milan

You can find us in Milan, the city of fashion and design. You can visit us in our studio at any time and start your high-end interior design project. 

We will show you our projects, our sample house where we display design products of the great Italian companies as well as the unique productions created by our designers. We will guide you through the streets of Milan, on a discovery tour of what Italy has to offer for your interior design project. We will introduce you to the Italian lifestyle, our culture, our history and the history of our city, and why not… our culinary traditions.

We will discuss with you the most suitable design and artistic pieces for your home, to create a unique residential or commercial interior design project.

Our Network, Our Value

Trustworthy Suppliers

The package we offer you for a high-end interior design project is complete in every part. Our network of contractors and professionals in the world of high-end interior design, such as marble workers, restorers, plumbers and lighting engineers, allows us to guarantee you the executive realization of both a new construction and a renovation project. We will ensure a total-look project and its complete implementation.

Network of Renowned Brands

Esperi studio is directly linked to numerous design brands and high-end manufacturers. For this reason you do not need to worry about the procurement phases, we will take care of everything by offering you the best conditions for the most famous Italian industrial design brands. Our wide network will also allow us to offer you many solutions and always different options.

Craftsmanship & Italian Bespoke Furniture

Last but not least, our team of high-end interior designers can count on specialised craftsmen and artists. We are therefore in the position to guarantee an additional service: the design and production of custom-made pieces for your home. This means having the opportunity to furnish your home with elements that are unique and give extra value to a perfect interior design project.

Your Interior Design Project with Us

Contact us to start your interior design project together with our team. With us you will have the chance to experience something unique and to relish in  the magic and beauty of Italian design.