High End Residential Interior Design Projects

Take a look at some of our High End Residential Interior Design Projects: from Minimal Contemporary Interiors to Luxury Style. All Designed by Our Italian Interior Designers.

Italian Interior Design Italian Furniture Shopping Tour. We Shape the Interiors of your Home taking care of the Process from End-to-End. Once Designed, Travel to Italy & Purchase Furniture in the Place of Origin.

Our Luxury Interior Design Projects Around the World

Exclusive beachfront house in Italy

Porto Cervo, Province of Sassari, Italy

Elegant Good Class Bungalow

Peirce Hill, Singapore

Luxury Penthouse in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Villa Make Over in Jeddah

Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Luxury Villa in Doha

Lusail, Qatar

Italian Custom Furniture in NYC

5th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

Eclectic Apartment Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive, Ocean Drive, Singapore

Exclusive Good Class Bungalow in Singapore

High-end Made in Italy Interior Design Singapore

Our interior design firm arrived in Singapore with a high-end residential interior design project, bringing Italian style to an exclusive Good Class Bungalow designed by a local prestigious architecture studio.  The residential design project began with a tour organized in Milan to let the customer discover the full range of Made in Italy design. In the second phase, our designers guided the customers in the design of the interior spaces of the house. Together we planned out the kitchens, the walk-in closets of the numerous bedrooms, and selected the materials and colors for the bathrooms and the finishes for the living areas.
Our service ended with the shipment and assembly of all the products on-site.

Hillside villa in California

Luxury Interior Design Los Gatos

We received a commission for the interior design of a hillside villa in Los Gatos, surrounded by breathtaking views and the lush vegetation of the San Francisco Bay Area.
It was a villa with a swimming pool, detached from the built-up area and with architecture perfectly set to the nature of the place.
Therefore, we opted for an interior design that would perfectly convey the vibes of an oasis far away from the hubbub of the outside world and, at the same time, succeed in o an authentic and refined lifestyle, based on the aesthetics of made in italy luxury design.

Exclusive beachfront house in Italy

High-end Interior Design in Sardinia

For this project we returned to our beloved Italy, more precisely to Sardinia, in the exclusive area of Porto Cervo, appreciated all over the world for its stunning natural scenery and crystal clear sea.
The commission concerned the interior design of an exclusive villa with outdoor pool and sea view, on behalf of an American client, who was looking for an Italian design firm willing to take charge of all the main phases of the project: design, supply and installation.
The villa was designed according to the typical canons of Sardinian architecture, which conceives the property almost at one with the surrounding natural territory.
For the interiors we developed a bright and welcoming concept: soft shapes and nuances designed to match the vibrant colors of nature and the warmer months.

Luxury Villa in Jeddah

Interior Design Jeddah

A high-end residential interior design project involved a luxury villa in Jeddah, a port city in Saudi Arabia, for a customer passionate about made in Italy. The design was carried out through a complete 360-degree service, starting from an online consultation to a shopping tour organized in Milan. During the clients’ visit, they were taken to the showrooms of the best Italian high-end furniture artisans to guide the customers to the most suitable products. The aim of this project was to create highly elegant and refined spaces, where neutral colors like beige and white dominate but always embellished with gold finishes and hints of shades of petrol green and dark brown.

luxury villa in jeddah and high end residential interior design

Private Penthouse in Bangkok

Interior Design Bangkok

A high-end interior design project for a penthouse in Bangkok, developed in cooperation with Ground Architects. Our interior design team based in Milan worked closely with the Esperiri office in Thailand to create a modern and elegant flat with double-height ceilings. A highlight of the penthouse design is the spacious and sinuous staircase, which enhances the majesty of this private residence furnished with the best of Italian designer furniture.

Eclectic Furniture in Sentosa

Luxury Home Decor Singapore

Our interior design team presents a new high-end residential furniture project for a young Singapore couple who loves Made in Italy. Their main request was to create an unusual and elegant apartment with a unique personality. The eclectic style became the catchphrase for choosing the furnishings of this house. Therefore, we gave free rein to creativity, and together with our customers, we experimented with a mix of colors, finishes, and luxury furnishings. Once again, we went in search of the best furniture brands, such as Edra and Arflex, to bring eclectic Italian interior design to Singapore and to create a perfect home with authentic Italian style.

high end furniture project in singapore

Custom Design for 5th Avenue New York

Italian Bespoke Furniture

For this project, our customers from New York came to Italy to go in search of the craftsmanship and uniqueness of Italian design. Our team of designers organized and accompanied them on a shopping tour to show them workshops that were off the beaten path and to familiarize them with the best of Italian production. The research of the craftsmen, the planning, and the product design of our team focused on creating unique pieces for an equally unique house in New York. Together with our customers, we studied the materials, colors, and decorations in order to obtain a perfect high-end residential interior design project. The complete service also included the shipping and assembly phase of the custom-made products in New York.

high end residential interior design and Italian bespoke furniture

Elegant Interiors in Doha

Interior Design Qatar

Our Italian home decorators landed in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
Here they were involved in an interior design project, which started as an online consultancy.
Our team took care of the design of the spaces on all four floors of the villa by selecting contemporary style furniture from the wide range of Italian luxury furniture.
A real total look project, complete in all its parts. Attention to detail was a characteristic feature of this project. After developing a color palette that was suitable for all the rooms of the villa and could satisfy the customers, our designers selected the furniture, home decor, and the relative finishes.

Elegant Flat in Milan

Interior Design Milan

Our creative director embarked on a high-end residential interior design project in a luxury apartment in the new skyscrapers in Porta Nuova, one of the emerging neighborhoods of Milan. Following the guidelines of the modern architecture of the building, the interior design included the choice of products with a minimal contemporary style. White walls form the background to a series of elements elegantly inserted in the space. The glossy surfaces of the tables contrast with the materiality of the darker-colored furniture. The search for an essential and minimal style, in line with the customer’s philosophy of life, is the distinctive attribute and central feature of this project.

high end residential interior design for a beautiful flat in Milan

Sophisticated Interiors in Philippines

Italian Furniture in Manila

Our team of interior designers engaged in a new restyling project in the Philippines, where the main spotlights were on the living room and the wine room—two spaces perfect for socializing. The choice of furnishings, finishes, and decor for the living areas was the starting point for creating a personalized style befitting of this house. The selected elements are all part of sophisticated and elegant high-end furniture collections: from modern sofas to award-winning lamps that are considered iconic items in the history of Italian design. The armchairs, rugs, sideboards, and coverings are part of a well-thought-out concept to create interiors in keeping with the Italian style.

high end residential interior design and sophisticated furniture in Philippines

Confidential Project Portfolio

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Thanks to our firm’s global reach, our team designed and furnished high end residential and commercial interiors all over the world from Los Angeles to Vienna, from Moscow to Hong Kong, from Dallas to Singapore. We will provide more information, materials, and answers to any of your inquiries. Step into the world of Italian design, furniture, and interiors.

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