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To furnish your home with Made in Italy design, here is a guide dedicated to Italian Furniture Prices to help you understand Luxury Furniture Prices.

Knowing Italian furniture prices

Choosing Italian design products to furnish your home does not just mean selecting an attractive, trendy object, but it means investing in quality products that will last.

When we talk about home design, we think of the sofa for the living room, the table for the dining room, and also wardrobes and the kitchen. Often, all products that the most well-known high-end Italian designer brands offer come in many different sizes and finishes.

They are customizable products, adaptable according to customer needs, so when you are searching for Italian furniture prices, it is sometimes difficult to find all the necessary information. Not all products are designed to be sold straight from the catalog. Instead, custom-made design and ad-hoc price estimates are required based on the solution chosen. 

Luxury Furniture Prices: Italian design to decorate your home

Although high-quality, not all designer products are created equal. There are artisanal products and industrial products. Luxury furniture prices are also closely linked to the different levels of the craftsmanship of the items. Furnishings such as the S chair, the famous designer chair created by Tom Dixon for Cappellini made entirely by hand in swamp straw, certainly has an added value in the luxury furniture market. Making this designer chair requires six hours of handiwork.

Major Italian designer brands have products in their collections made both by artisanal methods and by using special industrial machinery, such as the iconic Up chair by B&B Italia, made of cold flexible polyurethane foam. In this case, there are always some quirks, but they are linked to the type of machinery essential for production.

For you who are looking for designer furniture, here is a guide with Italian furniture prices to help you choose according to your budget. Prices do not include local taxes.

Arflex: The price of the Marenco sofa 

In the living area, the sofa is a fundamental piece of furniture. With its voluminous shapes, Marenco by Arflex is the perfect solution for those looking for a timeless designer product, such as this sofa designed in 1970. Our proposal is the Marenco two-seater version with a width of 186 cm, whose starting price is 3.155 Euro.

The iconic Utrecht armchair by Cassina

The Cassina Utrecht armchair is also part of the history of design. This contemporary upholstered chair was created in 1935 by the Dutch architect Gerrit Thomas Rietveld and today is among the top products in Cassina’s I Maestri collection. This sculptural chair and luxury piece of furniture has a starting price of 2.435 Euro.

Furnish your living room with Moroso: Price of the Gentry sofa  

What often influences the price of Italian furniture is the innovation and research behind each component. This is the case with Moroso, one of the major best Italian sofa brands specialized in the production of upholstered furniture. The Gentry sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola is one of the most requested proposals. With its minimalist and essential lines, it adapts to all styles. It rests on thin steel feet and is exceptionally comfortable, thanks to the presence of large removable cushions. The Gentry sofa by Moroso that we offer is 300 cm wide and seats three, perfect for a large living area. The starting price is 6.170 Euro.

Graduate by Molteni: The lightweight bookcase 

The combination of the Gentry sofa with a refined bookcase like Molteni’s Graduate is the perfect solution for a contemporary living room. Architect Jean Nouvel designed this unique suspended bookcase.

It is characterized by a single shelf fixed to the wall or ceiling, from which the tie rods that support the other shelves descend. The bookcase can be configured however you like, thanks to the graduated notches fixed on the uprights. The dimensions of the Graduate bookcase that we offer are 2mt x 2mt, and its price is 3.468 Euro.

Bocca Unlimited by Gufram: a show-stopping armchair

An intriguing way to complete the look of a designer living room is to include an accent chair that acts as a focal point. One option we offer is Bocca Unlimited by Gufram, the eccentric lip-shaped seat available in 25 different colors, with a starting price of 4.680 Euro.

The Superleggera chair by Cassina: price and history

There are endless models of chairs in design, but the Superleggera, designed by Giò Ponti in 1957 and produced by Cassina, is still considered by many to be the archetype of the chair. Superleggera was inspired by the traditional Chiavari chair, still produced today in the Ligurian hinterland. Starting from this classic piece of furniture, after various prototypes and experiments, Gio Ponti created a highly technological, resistant, but light seat with legs only 18 mm thick. The original Superleggera by Cassina with a cane seat has a starting price of 1.262 Euro. The prices of luxury furniture like this chair, which is part of the history of design, are not excessive if you think about the product’s history and design.

Furnish the dining room with Emmemobili: Ufo table- The price of a customizable table

The dining table is one of the furnishings that major high-end designer brands offer in customizable solutions, both in size and shape. Luxury furniture prices for products like tables are linked to the surface finishes and the various components chosen.  The tables in the Ufo collection designed by Ferruccio Laviani and produced by Emmemobili fall precisely into this category. The Ufo top can be oval or round, with the structure of the top and base made in shaped plywood. 

But there are different solutions for the finishes and coverings of the top and base, and it is also possible to customize the dimensions or have additional optionals, such as the lazysusan. The Ufo table version with a circular oak top with a diameter of 160 cm and a white lacquered base has a starting price of 6.255 Euro.

Italian kitchen furniture prices: A full-optional kitchen by Dada

Continuing on the topic of Italian furniture prices, another product for which custom design is fundamental before a price can be determined, are kitchens. This is because each customer has his own needs and style and because the kitchen must adapt to the available space. If you would like to elaborate on this matter, you can read our How to Design The best modern Italian Kitchen guide.

Our proposal for a complete kitchen is VVD by Dada, one of the best Italian kitchens brands. VVD by Dada designed by Vincent Van Duysen is characterized by a thin aluminum supporting structure that lifts it from the ground and by a unique handleless door. We offer this kitchen with an island configuration, sink and worktop in a central position, domino cooktops placed in the low cabinets facing the wall, and pantry columns. This Dada VVD kitchen, whose price is 45.000 Euro, features worktops in Ceppo, a natural stone, the doors in a matte lacquered finish, and is full-optional in terms of accessories. The above price refers only to the proposed solution (appliances excluded) and may vary according to the design choices.

Gliss Master and 505 system: The price of a Molteni wardrobe

Like kitchens, designer Italian wardrobes are also highly-customizable, which is why the luxury furniture prices, such as those of wardrobes and walk-in closets, vary according to size and finish. Even the top products of the Molteni collections are all customizable, like the Gliss master system. The version of this walk-in closet that we offer features a metal structure, glass side panels, and Stopsol doors with dimensions of 2.32 meters in width and 2.63 in height. The starting price for this Gliss master is 6.520 Euro.

The 505 system by Molteni to furnish the living room

Molteni modular wall-systems are also ideal in the living area, like 505 the modular wall-system designed by Nicola Gallizia. The dimensions of the already-configured product shown below in the technical drawing are 12 meters long x 2.65 meters high. The system is equipped with elegant glass partitions and sliding doors. The price of this luxury furniture composition is 42.000 Euro.


To evaluate whether this or the other products we have proposed are suitable for the interior design of your home, take advantage of our design service. And if you want to come to Italy to see in person where the best design products are born and choose your home decor, try our Italian furniture shopping tour. Our Italian interior designer will organize visits to ateliers, furniture shops in Milan and production sites for a full immersion into the Made in Italy industry. At the end of the designing process, our Italian artisans will be responsible for installing all the furnishings you have chosen directly in your home.

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