Ideas for Eclectic Interiors

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Unconventional colors, fabrics, and shapes to furnish Eclectic Interiors. The guide to creating a pop-spirited home with Eclectic Italian Furniture.

Mix and match: ideas for eclectic interiors

When designing the interiors of a home, it is essential to be able to identify the style to refer to immediately. This is very important because our house represents us, and making it welcoming and aligned with our taste allows us to live it fully and in the best way. But in the world of interior design, it is not always easy to extricate oneself from the many existing styles and trends. If you think the minimal style is a little too cold, the industrial style not your taste, then maybe for your new residence, you should choose to create eclectic interiors.

Eclectic style has come back in fashion in recent years. Its main feature lies in the mix of seemingly unrelated elements, the aim being to make the rooms lively and vibrant. The eclectic style is said to have originated in the mid-nineteenth century in the United States and then in Europe. It is made by combining functional furniture and accessories, characterized by unique shapes and finishes.

Creating eclectic interiors allows you greater freedom compared to other styles.  You can give free rein to your creativity by mixing and bringing together different colors, textures, and shapes like those of some famous eclectic Italian furniture collections.

Of course, these combinations do not have to be random. The selection of products and finishes must be made very carefully, trying to find harmony between the various elements.  For this reason, it is better to rely on an expert interior designer who can help in choosing all the elements, from the coverings to the furniture, designing an eclectic-style house together with you.

Styles and trends: eclectic Italian furniture for a contemporary home 

Although playing on contrasts is fundamental in eclectic interiors, it is vital for the coverings and finishes to immediately define a color scheme. Having decided on the color scheme, you can choose the furnishings and accessories. Vintage furniture can be accompanied by modern home decor details to personalize the living room. Alternatively, you can design an ethnic-style environment and include designer chairs and tables by playing with different materials.

living room with colourful eclectic interiors

The eclectic style is perfect for decorating any room in the house, even the bathroom. By choosing bright colors for the finishes of the walls or opting for colored tiles, we can create an exciting contrast with the white of the sanitary ware or with the design of the floor.

ottocento bathtub by agape with peggy futura lamp by vistosi part of esperiri milano eclectic Italian furniture selection

The interiors that embrace this style can be lively and original. By choosing some of the most famous eclectic Italian furniture brands, you can give your home a vibrant pop look.

Consider Driade, the famous Italian brand that made the history of design, known throughout the world for eccentric projects including the Nemo armchair by Fabio Novembre and the sculptural Sereno table by architects Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard.

The products in the Moroso collections also express the spirit of Pop decor. They are perfect for eclectic interiors, like the Pipe armchair, the eccentric Shadowy armchair, and the ironic Anomaly pouf by Front studio.

The goal of the eclectic interiors is to bring together furnishings that are ostensibly far apart stylistically but are enhanced with the right treatment. You can even choose historical designer pieces like the wheeled table designed by Gae Aulenti for Fontana Arte and the Cactus coat stand by Drocco and Mello for Gufram. This Italian brand, together with Seletti, is among those that best interpret the eclectic style in interior design.

Our team of interior designers has also chosen some of these eclectic Italian furniture pieces for the furnishing of a luxury home in Singapore. They chose the Comfy Sofa by Seletti and the unique Hybrid rugs by CTRLZAK to personalize the living room.

In order for the project to succeed, home decor accessories must also be carefully selected. Design accessories such as the Bonnet mirror designed by Elena Salmistraro and the Wink Lamps designed by Masquespacio for Houtique are among the new trends that best express this style.

It is also essential to mix the furnishings carefully and identify the focal point of the room to be furnished. You can do this, for example, by choosing bold accent lamps, such as the famous Zettel’z 6 suspension by Ingo Maurer, an unusual element to introduce eclectic style into the dining room.

A pop house with eclectic Italian furniture

Many luxury design brands have sophisticated and original furnishings in their collections that are ideal for decorating a pop homeArflex or Edra are two Italian furniture brands whose collections contain some of the most famous pieces of eclectic Italian furniture.

Eclectic interior design is made cheerful and exuberant by the colors, but also by the objects and furniture chosen for the space. Bookcases, armchairs, tables: everything may appear a little crazy but at the same time refined. A must is to add designer seating with unique shapes, especially rounded and with smooth corners, like the Pecorelle armchair by Cini Boeri and the Katrin seat by Carlo Colombo by Arflex. The latter is perfect for a stylish home and also available in a soft fur version.

katrin arflex armchair with naviglio sofa pieces of eclectic Italian furniture

Similarly, you can choose the Edra collections, in particular, the eccentric projects of the Campana Brothers, including the Vermelha and Favela armchairs, the Cabana storage unit, and the Cabana Bed canopy bed that transforms the bedroom into an unconventional space.

So if you are thinking of creating eclectic interiors for your home, entrust your project to our team of interior designers. Our design studio will help you choose the furnishings and create your new interior in an eclectic style. Contact us, and our design service will be at your disposal to help you create the home of your dreams, including customized solutions. Our expert craftsmen will take care of installing all the chosen furnishings directly at your home. Additionally, if you want to see firsthand where the best Italian design is born, you can find out by participating in the exclusive shopping tour that we can organize for you.

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