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Unparalleled attention to detail matched to an elegant and sophisticated design is what characterises the dining tables by Molteni. Thanks to their sinuous and essential shapes, they are able to make any type of environment unique. Three proposals in which to find refinement, high quality materials and modern style furniture compositions.

Mix&Match: Molteni Dining Tables

Always at the forefront of technological innovation, Molteni&C, one of the most important Italian brands in the world of furnishing, is constantly striving to find solutions that meet the constant changes in daily life.

A study of design and form which takes care of the smallest detail, obviously applied to all Molteni dining tables as well.

Filigree is a table that stems from the desire to create an object able to meet all kinds of needs. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, this table stands out for the sinuous shape of its structure, for the minimal thickness of its top and for an innovative technology that makes it possible to have an extendable table with an invisible telescopic side system.

In 2010 Foster + Partners designed a revolutionary table for Molteni&C. The idea was to experiment with a new material for the base structure: a compound of cement and elastic synthetic fibres, completely sustainable and with a low environmental impact. Arc Table thus incorporates different ideas, from the sculptural and architectural concept for the extremely plastic shape of its base to the technological one for the new techniques used for its realization.

D.859.1 is a table of imposing dimensions that attracts attention for its essential and refined style. Designed in 1959 by Gio Ponti, D.859.1 looks like an object that recalls the principles of architectural construction: a trapezoidal base becomes the structure and, like a real single-span bridge, supports a tapered and aerodynamic shaped top, giving the whole table lightness and modernity. 

After a careful choice of materials, textures and finishes and after estimating the price positioning of each product, here are our three proposals of Molteni dining tables, to show you how to create the right Mix&Match of furniture for your home.

Filigree Table, Arc Table and D.859.1 Table are our selection of Molteni Dining Tables for Mix&Match by Esperiri

FILIGREE Molteni&C Table

A modern and elegant design, linear and simple shapes: these are the main features of Filigree. For this first composition we selected a 210 x 98 cm table, with an eucalyptus wood structure and a Dark Emperador marble top, arriving at a total price of 5.233 euro

Continuing along the line of minimal design, we matched Filigree with Back Wing chairs by Cassina, Alcor sideboards by Maxalto in burgundy color and the pair of Aggregato hanging lamps by Artemide.

Molteni dining tables and Filigree moodboard composition by Esperiri

An environment with vintage colors but with modern and minimalist furnishings. A timeless mix&match that goes back in time, from those years when grit floors, bold colors and marble surfaces were in fashion to the sophisticated elements of the present day, with advanced technology and simple, linear forms.

From walls in contrasting colors to furniture with natural finishes, from floors with amber reflections to wine-colored cabinets, here for you a symphony of tones that can create a charming and timeless dining room

Molteni dining tables inspirations with Filigree Table, Back Wing Chairs by Cassina, Aggregato Lamp by Artemide and Alcor Sideboards by Maxalto. Illustration by Esperiri

ARC Molteni&C Table

Like a refined sculpture, Arc becomes the protagonist of the room and the central point around which all the other furnishing elements revolve, from the Brianza chairs by Arflex to the suspended lamp Le Soleil by Foscarini, which with its irregular luminous bands creates a fascinating play of reflected and diffused light.

We decided to use bronze-colored cement for the structure and extra-clear transparent glass for the circular top with a diameter of 150 cm, arriving at a total price of 3,108 euros

Molteni dining tables and Arc Table moodboard composition by Esperiri

All Molteni dining tables are capable of creating evocative atmospheres. Arc, with its architectural and highly scenic design, thus becomes the protagonist of an almost contemplative living area: a sculptural table illuminated by a large suspended lamp accentuated by the light, delicate shades chosen for the walls and floor.

In the background, a three-dimensional covering and a series of shelves create dynamism and a delicate movement around a table that seems almost suspended in a parallel dimension

Molteni dining tables inspirations with Arc Table, Brianza Chairs by Arflex and Le Soleil Lamp by Foscarini. Illustration by Esperiri

D.859.1 Molteni&C Table

D.859.1 is part of the Heritage collection by Molteni&C. For this reason we decided to propose this table again (with dimensions of 280 x 100 cm) in its original version in natural solid ash wood and brass tips, arriving at a total price of 6.457 euro.

The natural finishes and light streaks of the wood can be found in the Newood chairs by Cappellini arranged around the table. The composition is completed by the suspended Less System lamp by Venicem, with square profiles and golden reflections.  

Molteni dining tables and D.859.1 Table designed by Gio Ponti, moodboard composition by Esperiri

For a table with a strong character but at the same time with a refined and elegant style, we thought of a large dining room with broad windows, pastel-colored walls and an earthy-toned floor that would highlight the natural, light-colored ash wood of the table and chairs.

An environment illuminated by a scenic suspended lamp in which to welcome guests, consume banquets, organize sophisticated parties and  have long and pleasant conversations with family and friends. 

Molteni dining tables inspirations with D.859.1 Table, Newood Chairs by Cappellini and Less System Lamp by Venicem. Illustration by Esperiri

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