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Italian cabinetmakers, Emmemobili furniture stands out in the panorama of national and international furniture production for its creativity, for its high quality materials and for its strong attention to details. Each product is transformed into a work of art, in which the curved wood and geometric workings become the absolute expression of each piece of furniture.

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Emmemobili wood furniture was founded in the 80’s by the Tagliabue family. Since the early years the company has been focusing on the creation of quality furniture for the home and the production of multilayer panels for the aeronautical industry. 

A passion for Italian furniture that has been handed down from father to son: currently run by the fourth generation of the family, Emmemobili aims to create innovative design solutions, taking into account contemporary trends and the customization of the products.

The philosophy of Emmemobili furniture is based on the idea of considering wood not only as a simple raw material but as a material capable of expressing a real lifestyle. A production of Italian wooden furniture in which every single element is carefully evaluated both from an aesthetic and functional point of view and for its characteristics of durability and sustainability. 

Elegance, high customization, high-quality materials, innovative and timeless workmanship are the pillars that underpin and support the entire production of Emmemobili, creating unique and inimitable solutions, capable of adapting to different styles and give life to precious atmospheres in every room of the house.

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