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Molteni Furniture is an Italian manufacturer, with a long and consolidated tradition going as far back as the 1930s. It can be described as an elegant brand that clearly represents the Italian standards of beauty and craft. Among its most appreciated products are wardrobes and bedrooms, which are easily recognized products from the brand due to its high quality and aesthetic properties. Many prominent designers have collaborated with the company over the years, like Patricia Urqiola, Luca Meda and Hannes Wettstein, and Molteni also offers among its products a Gio Ponti Collection.

Molteni Furniture Products

Molteni&C Pass-Word

Contemporary, Sideboards

Molteni&C Paul Sofa

Contemporary, Sofas

Molteni&C Chelsea Sofa

Contemporary, Sofas

Molteni&C 505

Contemporary, Wall Units

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