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Here a new episode entirely dedicated to the contemporary Italian kitchen design. To best inspire you, we have decided to present you with three ideas on how to bring modern Italian Kitchen Design to your home.

Looking for Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design

The kitchen plays a vital role in a home: it is its central point and beating heart. The kitchen space is, in fact, the room where everything happens. It is a meeting point where you can tell stories, where family recipes are handed down and new ones are invented, a space in which to spend moments of conviviality with your family. Furthermore, in a modern house, the kitchen often becomes part of the living room, creating an ample open space. 

For all these reasons and many others, it is necessary to design your kitchen in the best way possible. The colors and the choice of elements and finishes are the starting point to achieve the perfect contemporary Italian kitchen design.

Modern Italian Kitchen Design, find the best one for you

Our designer kitchen specialists have created three different spaces for you, each with its own mix of textures, finishes, and colors and with a different price point. The first model is the Prime kitchen by Dada, with dark shades illuminated by its characteristic LED strips. The second model in this kitchen “fashion show” is Convivium by Arclinea, a type of kitchen that symbolizes the ritual of being together in every sense. Last but not least is the Xila model by Boffi, with a refined design and a “100% natural” appearance.

three different models of contemporary Italian kitchen design

Revolutionary Kitchen: Prime Model

Dada kitchens have always stood out for their strong contemporary character, essentiality, and ability to enhance the style in every home. Dada Prime is the first Modern Italian Kitchen design project that we propose, whose total price is around 39.500 Euro.

The main features of this kitchen, in addition to the simplicity of the lines, are the continuous groove openings of all the doors, which are shaped at the top at 45°, and the visible shelves, elegantly framed and lit by LED strips. This project also included the insertion of opaque and transparent columns and wall units, which complete the kitchen and make it more functional.

modern Italian kitchen design and dada prime product

We can define the colors and materials that were selected for the first Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design example as “modern and innovative finishes”, such as the Fenix countertop in a steel finish and the aluminum of the shelves.

The dune-color etched glass doors create a full/empty contrast with the doors of the wall units and columns in dark walnut. The linearity of the kitchen frames all the walls of the room. Finally, the Snack Prime in dark walnut completes this kitchen by attaching to create a peninsula that moves towards the center of the room.

modern Italian kitchen design and dada prime composition

Elite Kitchen: Convivium Model

Arclinea Convivium is an open, free, and organized area, and an Italian-style space where you can spend moments together with your family. It is the place where a whole series of concrete actions —storing, preparing, cooking— turn into rituals and emotions. The architecture of the house finds extraordinary solutions with Convivium.

For our second proposal, we have selected this Modern Italian Kitchen design model for its potential and intrinsic philosophy: to create a space that is not only a kitchen but also a dining room, a single area where you can carry out different everyday activities. The price of this second proposal is around 57.000 Euro.

contemporary Italian kitchen design and arclinea convivium product

The interior design of this option could be called “elite”, “noble” or “prized” precisely because of the choice of finishes, which include elegant Calacatta gold marble for the countertop, dark Emperador marble for the snack bar, and PVD stainless steel for the outlines. The streaks and patterns of the materials play off one another and create a sense of motion that enhances the whole space, contrasting with the homogeneous surface of the sand-colored matte lacquered doors.

The central element, around which the cooking area, pantries, and appliances are arranged, is the charming island, which becomes a worktop and table and is illuminated by the Palma suspended lamp from Vibia.

contemporary Italian kitchen design and arclinea convivium composition

Natural Kitchen: Xila Model

At last, we arrive at the third proposal. The last model we present you with is Boffi Xila by the Italian kitchen designer Luigi Massoni. It is one of the first kitchens to be designed “without handles”, characterized by simple and essential features.

The extensive research into the design and the great attention paid to every detail leads this kitchen to have a price estimate of around 70.250 Euro. The particularly light aesthetic effect and the immaculate design make Xila an innovative example of contemporary Italian Kitchen Design.

contemporary Italian kitchen design and boffi xila product

This third project proposal provides for a kitchen island where you can carry out all the washing, preparation, and cooking of meals. The world of nature has inspired the colors and materials chosen: the doors are in Canaletto wood while the top is in Gris du Marais stone by Salvatori. The striations in the wood are also reflected in the kitchen cabinet doors, which cover the entire front wall, house all the appliances, and become a pantry and storage unit.

modern Italian kitchen design and boffi xila composition

Here are our three Modern Italian Kitchen Design proposals. If you feel inspired and are looking for the best italian kitchen brands for your home with a pure Made in Italy taste, do not hesitate to contact us. Together with our interior designers, you can create the Italian kitchen of your dreams. We will give you a unique design experience, and with our organized Italian furniture Shopping Tour, you will have the opportunity to experience the real Italian design in person. Transportation and assembly by our Italian craftsmen are also part of our end-to-end service.

And if you are still trying to make up your mind about the future layout of your kitchen you can read our how to design the best modern Italian kitchens guide.

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