Porro Furniture, Combining Traditional Craftsmanship and Innovation

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Wardrobes, Walk-in Closets, and Wall Units: Porro Furniture to Furnish with Design. A Selection of Products that Represent the Quality of Porro Italian Furniture.

The industrial craftsmanship of Porro furniture

The global success of Italian design is mainly due to large enterprises whose constant investment in research, innovation, and creativity put Made in Italy design at the top. One such enterprise is the Porro Furniture company, based in the heart of Brianza.

It was here that in 1925, the Porro family, with brothers Giulio and Stefano, started their carpentry business, focusing their efforts on creating stylish furnishings for the Milanese bourgeoisie. Over the years and from generation to generation, the company has gone from a small artisan workshop to an industrial powerhouse, gradually opening up to the international market. Nonetheless, it has held on to the expertise acquired over the years, maintaining an authentic vision of “know-how,” typical of the best made in Italy products

In its over 90 years of history, the company has worked with Italian and international designers such as Werner Aisslinger and Wolfgang Tolk, creator of the cult-favorite modular Load-it bookcase. This iconic product embodies the brand’s philosophy of modular components and personalization of the proposals. 

Porro furniture is quality furniture that can be custom-made by choosing from the different available finishes and configured according to the customer’s needs. With Porro Italian furniture, you have the advantages and guarantee of an industrially-made product, combined with the versatility of a custom project.

Porro Italian Furniture: Custom-made furnishings with made in Italy products

Porro is an international company known for being on the cutting-edge of the production of modular systems that allow you to create wardrobes, wall units, and dream walk-in closets

Starting with the bedroom area, we have Storage Air, the free-standing version of the walk-in closet also available with sides and backs in various finishes. 

For an enclosed walk-in closet, there is the Dressing Room Storage, a customizable option equipped with shoe rack and illuminated shelves.‎ Dressing Room can be combined with the Acquario chest of drawers, named such because it is made from transparent crystal with brass profiles.

For built-in wardrobes, you can instead opt for the Porro storage collection, which offers solutions for every need.

Porro Furniture: Systems for furnishing the living room

The versatility of Porro Italian furniture also allows you to furnish the living area and the office. With System, wall units and partitions can be custom-designed. Among the latest products is Hanging, a system that allows you to create a configurable suspension wall system.

With Modern by Porro, you can also create a floor-to-ceiling solution for the dining area with suspended drawers and cabinets on the upper level or choose to combine the Modern systems with a double-height version of the Load-it bookcase. Load-it with steel L-shaped shelves can be freely configured as a bookcase or join the Modern system, thus creating a wall-mounted entertainment center.

The essential style of Porro Italian furniture

Many of the Porro furniture and systems in the Porro catalog are by Piero Lissoni, whose products define the style of the brand. Examples include the Metallico table with its clear, clean lines, in 12 mm aluminum sheet – used by our team in the formal dining room of this interior design project in Jeddah – and makura, the double bed in leather or fabric upholstery with padded headboard. There are also Neve, the elegant ashwood chair with tapered legs and curved backrest, and the essential Boxes, the chest of drawers with crystal lacquer.

In addition to Piero Lissoni, the brand’s art director from the 1980s until now, many international architects and designers have collaborated with Porro. The Porro Italian furniture in the catalog carries the names of established contemporary designers such as Neri & Hu, Christophe Pillet, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, LucidiPevere and design masters such as Alessandro Mendini. One of Mendini’s projects is Parete, a sideboard whose doors are inlaid with a geometric design in elm, oak, and acacia wood: a true collector’s item.

 Porro Italian Furniture: Designer products for every style

Clean and rational design is what distinguishes the Porro Furniture collections and is evident in projects such as the Gallery sideboard by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, but the catalog also includes proposals for every style. There are minimalist options like the Synapsis table by Jean Marie Massaud with chromed steel legs, as well as sculptural and refined creations such as the Ellipse table and the Gentle chair by the Front studio.

Some projects highlight the attention to detail and the search for interesting shapes, such as Traveller by GamFratesi. Traveller is a dormeuse with a trestle structure and lateral backrests in “saddle-effect” leather with two matching fabric-upholstered cushions.‎ Traveller has a metal structure, as does Gap, the vertical wall-hung bookcase designed by Carlo Tamborini in his first collaboration with Porro.

Porro offers solutions for the whole house, so whether you are looking for a new wardrobe for your home or want to create a wall unit, entrust our Italian interior design service to find the right solution for you. Furthermore, we can organize an exclusive furniture shopping tour where you can discover the Porro production site firsthand in Italy. The products you choose will be installed in your home by our expert Italian craftsmen.