Boffi Xila, the innovative kitchen

With these words, Luigi Massoni pinpoints what the maximum expression of the kitchen is. It is precisely from this concept that Boffi Xila was born, which in 1972 was inducted into the history of Italian design for being the first kitchen designed “without handles”

” Quality hides in the normalcy of everyday life. Just look for it. “

Boffi Xila kitchen presents the expression of simplicity and quality design

The designer Luigi Massoni goes in search of simplicity by bringing meaningful innovations to the kitchen space, which has changed both in meaning and content thanks to his vision.

Boffi Xila kitchen features

So what does it mean to have a “handleless” kitchen? The result is a kitchen with cleaner features, giving the impression a compact volume that takes shape in space.

As can be deduced, attention to the smallest detail becomes the main feature of Xila Boffi. The grip of the front handle is formed from an aluminum profile mounted directly on the cabinet. 

This type of handle rail has also been designed for each type of door, both for the single bases and the bases with two or more drawers, in which case a middle handle rail is inserted that creates a horizontal, linear cut in the Boffi Xila kitchen. To obtain a particularly light aesthetic effect and extremely clean design, the innovative technology of this kitchen also allows for a door opening through a push-pull system.

Even for the columns, the front handle is obtained thanks to special aluminum vertical spacers mounted on the side. Xila Boffi stands out for its simplicity and the constant search for solutions that can respond in an innovative way to daily habits.

Boffi Xila kitchen finishings

Between 2012 and 2013, the Boffi Xila system was enhanced with new materials such as painted etched glass for the doors and worktops and aluminum for the doors, which give the kitchen a very material imprint and a renewed refinement. 

In order to take a complete picture of the materials that can be used for Boffi Xila kitchen, this product offers a wide range of finishes: wood veneer in different types and colors, matte lacquer in the Silcover and Ecolak versions, glossy lacquer, and metals. As for the worktop, all kinds of stone, marble, and granite are available. The choice is extensive precisely to give shape and life to the most suitable palette for the space.  

Boffi Xila kitchen composition

In addition to the possibility of “having no handles,” the second innovation of this kitchen is its modularity, flexibility, and adaptability to any type of space. 

The kitchen designs that can be obtained from Xila Boffi are linear kitchens or corner kitchens with the possibility of inserting peninsulas as work surfaces. 

Boffi Xila inherits the innovation of the previous E15 kitchen from 1965, which uses the building standard based on 15 centimeters and multiples as a model and which transforms it into the primary module in the kitchen design.

The modular system consists of base units, wall units, cabinets, and columns with square doors. It is a new way of conceiving the kitchen as a modular object that can be composed in different ways. The composition of the Boffi Xila kitchen also allows you to insert built-in, semi-flush, or flush-mounted hobs and sinks onto the countertop.

Boffi Xila kitchen and Esperiri Milano experience

Luigi Massoni was one of the most active Italian designers not only in design but also in the modern definition of the idea of project and production. He was a personality that led to a crucial growth of Italian design. We found an example of his innovative contribution with Boffi Xila, which we offer as an ideal solution for your kitchen.

The Esperiri team is ready to offer you the best design service to plan your kitchen with contemporary Italian design, such as Xila by Boffi or any model of the best Italian kitchen brands. And if you are curious enough, our design experts will take you to experience something unique and offer you a personalized Italian furniture shopping Tour to help you discover authentic made in Italy.

boffi xila kitchen with esperiri colour palette
boffi xila kitchen with suspended black island with ceiling hood in front of a boffi shelf
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