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Italian Home Design is back with a new episode dedicated to the composition of the modern Italian dining room set. Our team of interior designers is ready to present you three ideas on how to furnish your dining room in an authentic Made in Italy style.

Modern Italian dining room set inspirations

A house is a composition of spaces conceived and designed to meet different needs. There is a sleeping area, more private and intimate, distribution spaces, such as corridors and anterooms, and service spaces, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Finally there is the living area. The beating heart of the house, where most of the activities take place, but above all where you live moments of conviviality. For this reason its configuration, especially from the point of view of interior design, must be well planned to achieve a welcoming atmosphere, to truly feel “at home”.

In the circle of rooms that are part of the living area there is also the dining room

It is a room where we meet to have meals but also to spend time together, to tell stories, to exchange opinions, to celebrate important events. 

Our team of interior designers is ready to present you three contemporary Italian dining room set solutions. Total look proposals ranging from dining room chairs to dining tables, from materials to lighting, always and exclusively made in Italy.

Imagine the best contemporary Italian dining room set for your house

Before starting to discover our three dining room set concepts, it is necessary to understand what it means to create a modern Italian dining room set.

Very simple lines and shapes, pure geometries, uniform surfaces, homogeneous textures, essential elements. These are just some of the main features of modern style. We focus on quality rather than quantity, we prefer functionality to excess. 

contemporary Italian dining room set concept moodboard designed by Esperiri Milano

In general the concept of our contemporary Italian dining room set is based on the use of simple geometric shapes, such as the hexagon, the rectangle or the circle, which are repeated and create a symphony of references between the different elements that are part of the composition of the room. The project also focuses on the use of neutral tones or natural patterns constantly embellished with gold references or chandeliers with simple and essential lines

Starting from these ideas we have created three Italian design dining room proposals, each with a different price positioning and a different use of materials and furnishing elements

Contrast effect: Dining Room n°1

In this first proposal we thought of a contemporary Italian dining room set in which “contrast” is the watchword. The dark tones of the Mutina ceramic floor and the details of the furnishing elements highlight the pale colours of the selected products, such as the light canaletto walnut table top, the sideboard and the Diamond carpet by Kashtall. This color scheme of contrasts is finally enhanced by the hexagonal lines of the Wallpepper Group wallpaper and the gold finish of the floor lamp and the legs of the chairs arranged around the dining room table.

contemporary Italian dining room set composition with contrast colors

In this first hypothesis of modern Italian dining room set the choice of furnishings falls on Italian brands with essential lines , such as the Isabelle chairs by Saba or the Secret sideboard by Calligaris. The 8 chairs are arranged around the Atlantis Wood table by Cattelan Italia, with a rounded top and legs with strong, broken lines. The play of contrasts in this case is not only given by the colors, light top and dark legs, but also by the different geometries that are part of the design of the table.

Finally, the lighting is marked Flos: the IC floor lamp and the Cacoon Taraxacum pendant lamp, by the great Italian designers Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, give a touch of elegance to the whole room. The price positioning of this contemporary Italian dining room set solution is around 19.000 Euro.

contemporary Italian dining room set products moodboard

Natural colors: Dining Room n°2

The moodboard of this second hypothesis is mainly composed of natural textures, such as the grain of wood or the interlaced lines of white marble. Both wall and floor coverings have been selected from some of Italy’s largest ceramic companies: Marazzi’s wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor tiles match the texture of Florim‘s dove-coloured front wall covering. The neutral tones of the envelope of this room thus highlight the furnishing elements, all designed with dark tones of wood, such as oak or dark walnut.

inspiration for your modern Italian dining room set

The shapes of the furnishing elements of this second contemporary Italian dining room set are characterized by their extreme simplicity. Cassina’s Naam rectangular table in the centre of the room opens up the dances, recalling the essential design of the sideboard and the suspended bookcase by Molteni&C with its rigid yet clean and linear shape. The simplicity of the furnishings continues with the choice of June chairs by Zanotta, with a graphic profile and minimalist style, with a comfortable backrest in dark wood and white upholstered seats. 

The lighting in this case is 100% Artemide. For this second hypothesis, in fact, Come Together table lamps and Itka pendant lamps have been selected, characterized by a simple and functional design at the same time. 

The price positioning of this second case of modern Italian dining room set is around 26.000 Euro.

furniture composition for your contemporary Italian dining room set

Luxury inspiration: Dining Room n°3

We now present the latest hypothesis of our Italian dining room concepts. It is a solution that recalls nobility and royalty. The pattern of the carpet, the gold colour of the lamps and the marvellous painting by Gustav Klimt, the streaks of marble on the floor and front wall take us back in time, creating an atmosphere typical of the elite houses of high society. The floor covering was selected from Budri‘s catalogue, opting for a dark colour that contrasts with Casone’s travertine marble designed for the front wall covering.

The preciousness of this third hypothesis leads to a higher price positioning around 41.000 Euro.

luxury and contemporary Italian dining room set inspiration

The atmosphere that we have tried to reproduce in this third hypothesis of modern Italian dining room set is that of a welcoming, warm and at the same time elegant environment. For this reason the choice of furnishings has fallen on products with soft and comfortable shapes, such as the Caratos chairs by Maxalto. The leather upholstery in two different colours recalls the orange fabric of the Dipped Lotto carpet by CC-tapis and the dark marble of the Hubert table top by Meridiani. Finally, as a furnishing accessory we have thought of a double cupboard Tiller by Porro, in dark oak and arranged along the front wall.

Completing this third composition is the Kitami pendant chandelier by Venicem, which, with its minimal gold lines, manages to give a lively character and modern style to this third and final Italian dining room.

products moodboard of modern Italian dining room set made by Esperiri

In this episode of Italian Home Design we have  proposed three solutions on how to furnish the dining room, but if you want to explore the world of design and discover the modern Italian style, do not miss our proposals of contemporary Italian kitchens, modern Italian bathrooms and modern Italian living rooms.

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