Dada Prime

The thin lines, profiles, and well-studied details of the Dada Prime Kitchen manage to express the full potential of a modern kitchen.

Dada Prime kitchen, a project with sophisticated soul

Dada kitchens have always stood out for their essentiality and their ability to enhance every home’s style. Another great find in the Dada kitchen collection is Dada Prime, which stands out from other kitchens for its sophisticated aesthetic, its strong contemporary character, and its ability to adapt to any space.

Dada Prime kitchen features

The Dada Prime kitchen stands out mainly for its unique and inimitable recessed groove opening. The groove runs seamlessly along the length of the product and ends on the sides panels, an alternative to finished sides to allow for maximum freedom of customization. The second characteristic of Dada Prime is the door shaped at a 45° angle to make the opening simpler and more ergonomic. Having handles that do not protrude, but instead are integrated into the thin doors, allows the kitchen to take on a more compact appearance and makes it a single volume inserted in the space.

The Prime doors offering has now been enriched and it includes the new glass door with bronze and smoked finishes for the Flair wall units and the Flair columns.

What makes Dada Prime truly captivating are the LED lights that run through the kitchen along the back panel, illuminating the thin open shelves and accentuating the columns and wall units. 

The kitchen project also presents the possibility to add optional elements such as the prime snack bar with a titan and pewter aluminum structure and dark walnut top, and the Woody stools by Francesco Meda, which reflect the color of the top and complete the entire composition.

Dada Prime kitchen finishings

The Dada Prime kitchen has been studied down to the smallest detail, including the choice of materials for the finishes. The steel profiles outline the kitchen and accompany the different finishes that can be used for this Dada product. For example, the doors can be in bilaminate, maxxigloss, fenix, matte lacquer, and even in a natural version choosing from various wood types available in both light and dark colors.

Finally, you can choose from different types of stones and ceramics for the countertop, available in warm colors or neutral and light tones.

Dada Prime kitchen composition

Dada Prime is available in numerous modular variations for the most sophisticated aesthetic needs. The kitchen designs that can be created with the Prime system can be linear or corner shaped, marked by the continuous groove of the doors. Island or peninsula solutions are also available to which it is possible to integrate the Prime snack bar, which overlaps the worktop to create a unique and complete system.

Dada Prime Kitchen and Esperiri Milano experience

The contemporary lifestyle has led Italian designers to interpret the areas of the house as a set that must interact with each other to realize creative and convivial spaces. The Dada Prime Kitchen wants to answer this new trend, too, by adapting to every type of need and always creating different situations thanks to the numerous elements that compose it. 

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