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Our Italian Home Design column returns with a new article entirely dedicated to luxury Italian bathrooms. In order to inspire you in the best possible way and let you imagine a new look for your home, our team is ready to present you three luxury bathroom design concepts in complete Italian style.

Inspired by three luxury Italian bathrooms

When talking about lush style the first parameter to consider is the use of precious materials, with particular textures and luminous surfaces. Since luxury bathrooms are usually large spaces, the study of finishes and decorations is an essential part of the design. 

A second typical aspect of luxury bathrooms is the composition of spaces. The different internal functions, from a bright central area with large windows to the shower enclosures and the beauty area with vanity unit and chaise longue, create a room where you can find every kind of comfort and where you can dedicate yourself to your personal well-being. The architecture of the house often becomes an integral part of the luxury bathroom, designing a series of unique spaces inside. For this reason it is essential to custom design the shape of each individual furnishing element and the lighting systems that best fit in the different types of environments. 

Our team of Italian designers is ready to show you three luxury bathroom design solutions, each with a different character and look.

From the Byzantines to Imperial Vienna: when luxury bathroom design goes back in time

The Great Gatsby and the glitter of the roaring 1920s. The 19th century and the magnificence of the great and powerful Austrian empire. The 4th century and the Byzantine splendour.

Three historical eras that inspired us and led us to create three luxury bathroom design compositions, each with a different price positioning. The different historical styles, trends and main features that made these three periods unique and inimitable have guided us towards the choice of finishes, textures, colours and furnishings for each proposal. Well defined lines and geometries, precious marbles and elaborate mosaics are just some of the features that we will show you in these three luxury Italian bathrooms.

luxury Italian bathrooms concept moodboard designed by Esperiri Milano

Luxury bathroom n.1: Golden Era style

The first master bathroom we show you is called the Golden Era. To recall the style of that time and recreate a 1920s atmosphere we have chosen a marble floor of Budri, with pure and well defined geometries and golden reflections. The walls are enriched with marble surfaces in different shades, which match the linear patterns of the floor, creating a really opulent atmosphere.

golden era luxury bathroom design inspiration

To reproduce the richness and glamour typical of that period, the choice of furniture for this first luxury bathroom design has focused on elements with an elegant and classic design.

In the centre of the room the freestanding tub Diva by Devon&Devon plays a focal point role, perfectly matching the marble top of the Bespoke furniture by Antonio Lupi and the Giare washbasin by Ceramica Cielo. The regularity and linearity of the forms of the wall-hung cabinet are taken from the Vogue mirror by Devon&Devon, which completes the composition of the interior furnishings in the two side niches. The taps of this first hypothesis are entirely Gessi, from the Inciso taps for the washbasins to the mixer and shower head of the Gessi 316 collection, all with bronze finishes.

The price positioning of the first solution of our luxury Italian bathrooms is around 32,000 Euro.

luxury Italian bathrooms furniture composition made by Esperiri

Luxury bathroom n.2: Royal style

Going back through the different historical periods we now find ourselves in a completely royal and princely atmosphere, typical of the magnificent and luxurious Viennese palaces. Here is our second luxury bathroom design proposal.

The floral designs on the marble floor echo the colours of the streaks and shades in the  black and white marble on the walls. A truly elegant look enriched by the golden lines of Nemo’s Ellisse Pendant pendant lamp in the centre of the room. Furnishing accessories such as the chaise longue and Globo tables by Rugiano also play a fundamental role, creating beauty and vanity areas inside the bathroom.

view of a royal luxury bathroom design made by Esperiri

The made-to-measure design of the furnishing elements of this second master bath starts with the custom-made Ramis marble washbasin cabinet, positioned in both side niches of the bathroom. This is combined with the Giotto gold tap by Cea Design and the oval mirror Beauty by Devon&Devon. The Cea Design tapware is also part of the shower enclosure design with the Acquachiara system, to create a setting of complete well-being. At the centre of the room is the Eclipse bathtub by Antonio Lupi in white Carrara marble, which perfectly matches the finishes of the walls and floor. 

The price positioning of the second solution of our luxury Italian bathrooms is around 53,000 Euro (where the bathtub in solid carrara marble counts for 50% of the budget).

high end furniture of luxury Italian bathrooms

Luxury bathroom n.3: Bizantine style

In our third luxury bathroom design we have taken inspiration from the splendour of the Byzantine style. The champagne coloured mosaic tiles by Mutaforma frame the whole room, creating points of light and reflections throughout the space. A splendour further enhanced by Salvatori’s Gris du Marais marble, used for both the floor and the side niches. The touch of class is given by the Petit Bijoux lamp by Catellani&Smith: a golden spiral decorated with many small light points which becomes a central element capable of generating a regal atmosphere. 

Among the three proposals of luxury Italian bathrooms this is undoubtedly the most precious, for this reason its price positioning is the highest and places itself at 67.000 Euro.

bizantine luxury bathroom design inspiration made by Esperiri

The materiality and veins of the marble are also evident in the furnishings of this third solution. Salvatori also returns in the choice of the Anima wall mounted furniture, with top in Gris du Marais marble. The matching stone washbasin with its curvy shapes perfectly agrees with the geometries of Antonio Lupi’s Lucente mirror and Pinch di Flaminia sanitary ware. The faucets this time are by Fantini, with golden taps from the Venezia collection. At the centre of the large hexagonal space is the freestanding Roma bathtub by Noorth Milldue Edition, in white marble with travertine marble base.

We wanted to recreate the atmosphere of well-being and relaxation  typical of the Byzantine and Roman baths also in the shower cabin, inserting a made-to-measure shower tray in dark marble by Vaselli and a composition of shower heads and lights from the Zenit collection by Antonio Lupi.

products composition of luxury Italian bathrooms made by Esperiri

Here are our luxury Italian bathrooms. Three classy proposals that want to inspire you and give you an idea of what it means to furnish your house in authentic Italian style. If you are looking for modern bathrooms ideas, don’t miss our Modern Italian bathroom proposals.

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