Molteni Gliss Master

Designer: Vincent Van Duysen

Manufacturer: Molteni&C

Starting from: € 10.000,00

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Molteni Wardrobe Description

Offering countless possibilities, always guaranteeing the greatest possible comfort, responding to any need; these are just some of the innumerable qualities of Molteni Gliss Master, the new wardrobe that has become the star of walk-in closets and bedrooms.

The new Molteni wardrobe keeps in step with the times, transforming itself into an innovative object with a pure Italian style

New technology and sophisticated systems are what make up the Molteni wardrobe, transforming it into an innovative product with an unmistakable design.

Molteni Gliss Master Features

The feature that makes Vincent Van Duysen's new Molteni wardrobe unique is its revolutionary structure and new features.

The central heart of Molteni Gliss Master is its new Sistema 7 folding opening mechanism, patented by the Molteni Group, which allows you to effortlessly and silently move the doors from their initial position to the side of the compartment. In this way, Gliss becomes accessible and usable in the simplest possible way.

So how does Sistema 7 work? The open and folded doors align parallel to the adjacent compartment without taking up space in front of the wardrobe and leaving the passageways of the room free.

molteni gliss master and sistema 7 system

Molteni Gliss Master is not merely a wardrobe. It is also ideal for walk-in closets, particularly in the doorless version, offering both corner and linear solutions.

The Molteni wardrobe has been enhanced with new internal accessories that are customizable and modular in different ways to meet various needs. You can insert suspended drawers, pull-out trays, shoe shelves, storage compartments, drawers equipped with dividers, and the brand new pull-out shirt holder, a total novelty among Gliss accessories.

The final touch for this Molteni&C furniture piece is the new LED lighting system, which is elegantly concealed in the sides of the wardrobe modules or in the finishes of the elements that compose it.

molteni gliss master and accessories technical information
molteni gliss master and different type of doors

Gliss Master Wardrobe Materials

The finishes that can be used for the composition of the Molteni wardrobe are multiple and of different kinds. In general, for the structural elements, side panels, and internal accessories, it is possible to choose from different types of melamine

As for the finishes available for the doors, you can choose from different colors of matte and glossy lacquer, lacquered cartapaglia, different types of light or dark wood veneer and Eco Skin.

Lastly, Sistema 7 can be made with wooden doors, with the same types of materials mentioned above, or doors in extra-clear transparent glass with pewter or bronze profiles.

Molteni Gliss Master Compositions

With Gliss Master, you can compose the wardrobe in many ways. Modules of different widths and heights have been designed that are combinable with the accessories, materials, and colors that best meet your diverse needs. 

The Molteni wardrobe offers different types of doors. There are the Start-Twin hinged doors with a handle or the flush hinged doors with built-in handle. Another alternative is the new Gliss doors with 180° opening or with a folding opening made possible by the new Sistema 7.

Gliss can also function as a separating element between two spaces, or it can become an access point to a different room. Finally, the Molteni Gliss Master, thanks to its modularity and doorless version, becomes an element suitable for any type of walk-in closet, precisely because it can easily adapt to any kind of space.


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