Luxury Italian Living Room

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This time our team is going to focus on the world of luxury design.  Have a look at our three proposals of luxury Italian living room and start with us a journey to discover the best luxury Italian living room furniture compositions and Italian high quality materials.

Luxury Italian living room: lively, comfy or elegant?

A dream living room. This is the key word of this new episode of Italian Home Design entirely dedicated to the world of luxury. The secret to creating a luxury Italian Living room lies in the search for the most precious details and in the care of every single element to enrich the environment, enhancing it and making it unique.

The living area, and in particular the luxury Italian living room, can be configured in different ways inside the house, depending on the formal functions it is expected to carry out. What we propose in this article is a casual living room furnished in an elegant way, giving life to an environment where luxury is a desire that becomes reality. It is a room where you can relax, an area of passage and connection between the different spaces of the house but also a meeting point where you can spend moments of conviviality with your family.

Our Italian designers have once again put themselves at stake by proposing three luxury Italian living room solutions, the result of a careful study of the furnishings and a meticulous attention to every material and finish. Each creation is identified with a different character and appearance, to inspire you and show you the authentic Italian design.

Three different luxury Italian living room furniture and materials compositions. When dreams come true.

The home decor is the essence of all the most beautiful luxury homes and a dream living room is the starting point in a luxury interior design project, precisely because it is able to reveal the preciousness and richness that characterizes the entire home.

So when designing the interiors of a house with a luxurious style you have to take into account some guidelines: intense colors for the furniture, such as forest green, blue or ruby red, precious materials and finishes for the upholstery, such as wood, marble and leather and eye-catching and bright chandeliers

luxury Italian living room concept moodboard designed by Esperiri Milano

Analyzing every possibility and taking these characteristics into account, we have created three solutions, each with a different price positioning. The first hypothesis is called LIVELY, for its lively character and the brilliant colours of the materials. COMFY is the second deluxe solution, for its home decor with soft shapes and warm colours. The third solution is pure ELEGANCE, from the choice of the colour palette to the selection of the best furniture for a luxury living room furniture. 

LIVELY luxury living room

This first solution is characterized by a combination of nuances, textures and materials with lively tones. A mix of elegance, luxury and style that make this first Italian luxury living room unique and totally suggestive. Just look at the moodboard of the selected materials to understand the energetic character of this room, like the Elitis wallpaper with gold reflections, or the parquet floor of Mardegan Legno with a herringbone cucuma pattern and the midnight blue velvet of the corner sofa. 

luxury Italian living room furniture inspiration

The research of luxury living room furniture in this first hypothesis focuses on linear objects, such as the Dress Up sofa by Cassina, with squared geometries and profiles defined by light-coloured stitching in contrast with the dark blue velvet of the upholstery. The Lipp capitonné armchair by Living Divani in light velvet is also characterized by a square shape and matches the design of the Bayus TV cabinet by Porada, with leather drawers and a ight wood frame. To enrich this composition we have positioned in the middle of the room the Douglas coffee tables by Arketipo with marble top and brass structure.

As far as the lighting is concerned, the refined and transparent floor lamp Noctambule by Flos and the pendant lamp Algorithm by Vibia complete the room with their ability to generate a magical and suggestive atmosphere at the same time. 

The price positioning of this luxury Italian living room furniture solution is around 35.000 Euro.

products moodboard of luxury Italian living room furniture made by Esperiri

COMFY lush living room

Lush living room often means comfort, well-being and beauty as well. So for this second hypothesis we propose a palette of colours with warm tones, like the mustard yellow leathers of the sofa, the light velvets of the armchairs or the cream shade of the Classic Damask carpet by Kashtall. But the comfortable and luxurious atmosphere is also given by the floral patterns of the squared parquet floor and the wall coverings in Silk Geogette stone by Salvatori, with linear textures in bas-relief or with polished slabs showing the streaks and veins of this precious stone.

luxury living room furniture composition designed by Esperiri interior designers

For this second hypothesis, the choice of luxury Italian furniture is on elements with soft shapes and curvilinear features, especially with regard to the choice of the upholstered furniture, such as the Tactile sofa by Baxter or the light velvet Sophie armchairs by Opera Contemporanea. These are majestic and extremely elegant objects capable of guaranteeing a high level of comfort. Another material that comes into play in this composition is the white Carrara marble, used for the square Proiezioni coffee table by Salvatori, positioned in the centre of the room, and for the doors of Sovet’s Magda hanging TV cabinet

To complete the furnishings of this second hypothesis we have inserted a lighting system with gold finishes, from Nemo’s majestic Crown Minor hanging lamp to Tato’s Alzabile floor lamps.

The price positioning of this second hypothesis of luxury Italian living room furniture is around 43.000 Euro.

comfy luxury living room furniture products composition made by Esperiri

ELEGANT luxury living room

We have reached our third and last proposal of luxury Italian living room, which can be summed up in two keywords: elegance and wealth

The result of this solution is a completely deluxe living room, framed by a wall at the bottom covered with Emmemobili wood paneling: the light and dark veins of the solid wood and the linear texture create a play of contrasts and references with the gold profiles positioned between the panels. The preciousness of this environment is also given by the Bisazza marble floor, characterized by a geometric pattern and amber streaks that create bright spots throughout the room. Forest green, white and gold complete the overall look of this third hypothesis with designer living room furniture of high quality, coming at a higher price positioning around 59.000 Euro.

view of elegant luxury living room furniture composition designed by Esperiri

In this third hypothesis of luxury Italian living room furniture the choice has fallen on elements able to show elegance and refinement in design. We started from the Club sofa by Rugiano, with a cream-coloured leather upholstery and gold finishes that recall the profiles of the walls of the room. To complete the general layout of the furnishings of this lush Italian sitting room, we’ve  placed along the sides of the room Anais poufs by Baxter and Funny armchairs by Fendi, all in forest green velvet.

At the center of the Glamour Ducale carpet by Sirecom are the Sixty tables by Rugiano with marble tops and gold feet, which recall the precious finishes of the Mondrian floor lamp by Venicem and the magnificent and bright hanging lamp Macchina della Luce by Catellani&Smith. A touch of class for an elegant luxury Italian living room!

elegant luxury living room furniture products composition made by Esperiri

In this new article of our Italian Home Design column we have presented three different living room solutions with luxury furniture, elegant and 100% Italian. If you are looking for inspiration for a modern and minimalist living room don’t miss our Modern Italian living room proposals.

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In addition, for the most curious and in search of unique experiences, we will organize for you an exclusive Furniture Shopping Tour, to show you live the real Italian design. Thanks to their extensive knowledge in the field, our experts will guide you in the choice of the furniture that best suits your needs and expectations.

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