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From soft padding to products with minimal and squared lines, here is our selection of Arflex sofas. Unique proposals in which you can find a mix of elegance, nuances with warm tones and compositions with eclectic and refined style.

Mix&Match: Arflex Sofas

The unmistakable design, the collaboration with great designers, such as Marco Zanuso, Franco Albini and Carlo Colombo to name just a few, together with the desire to furnish houses with products able to meet the daily needs,  has made Arflex sofas a must of contemporary furniture. 

At the end of the ’60s the architect Cini Boeri designed a revolutionary piece in the world of furniture: Strips, a modular sofa made up of square modules which, thanks to its flexibility, remains a contemporary product suitable for any type of environment.

Absolutely minimalist and with a rigorous profile, the sofa Naviglio by Umberto Asnago becomes part of the Arflex catalog, distinguishing itself for the evident contrast between the marked lines of the structure and the softened shapes of the upholstery.

Finally, the soft cushions with rounded shapes of the backrest and the seat, harmoniously assembled to the thin base, make unique and unmistakable the sofa Marenco, designed by Mario Marenco for Arflex in 1970. 

Here for you are our three proposals of customized Arflex sofas, creating a balanced furniture composition through an accurate choice of materials, colors and textures of the finishes and estimating the price positioning of each product.

Strips Naviglio and Marenco Arflex sofas design

STRIPS Arflex sofa

Flexibility and modularity are two words that describe simply and effectively the sofa Strips. The two modules with different depths, the reflections of the blue velvet of the upholstery and the contrast with the white cushions create dynamism in the composition of the sofa, bringing it to a total price positioning of 9.570 euro.

An elegant solution that we have paired with the iconic D 552.2 coffee table by Molteni&C, designed by Gio Ponti and the Coordinates Suspension lamp by Flos with golden profiles.

Arflex sofas and Strips moodboard composition

A small table with a glass top, a suspended lamp with light lines and a sofa with a deep and comfortable seat create an elegant composition that finds its place in a large living room with pastel blue walls and a sand-colored grit floor.

A precious environment in which the light from the large windows creates a play of chromatic reflections with the folds of the blue velvet upholstery of the sofa.

Arflex sofas inspirations made by Esperiri

NAVIGLIO Arflex sofa

The second option we propose among Arflex sofas is Naviglio, designed by Umberto Asnago in 2007. Our choice has fallen on a 246 cm wide model with ivory-colored leather upholstery and a black-painted tubular steel structure, arriving at a total price of 7.050 euros.

Simplicity of form and rigidity of design are the guiding principles of all the furnishings that make up the composition, starting with Porro‘s Gap suspended wall unit, with a rectangular backlit profile, and B&B Italia’s Mart black leather armchair.

Arflex sofas and Naviglio moodboard composition

The warm shades of the walls and the terracotta-colored floor with amber reflections make this second room really welcoming, creating a familiar and country-like atmosphere. A color palette that  takes us back in time and creates a setting that harmoniously brings out all the furnishing elements characterized by structures with clear and well-defined black profiles.

Arflex sofas inspirations with Naviglio sofa and B&B Italia Mart armchair designed by Esperiri

MARENCO Arflex sofa

The last model we propose from Arflex sofas is Marenco, an element that stands out for its soft and cozy shapes. We have chosen a 245 cm wide sofa, upholstered in salmon pink velvet, while the cushions have black and white geometric textures. The selection of these finishes brings the sofa to a total price of 6.825 euros

Matching the black details of the cushions are the Mexique dark wood coffee table designed by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina and the Claritas floor lamp by Nemo Lighting.

Marenco Arflex sofa moodboard composition

A large sliding door with geometric patterns, a low seat and a small table with rounded shapes make us feel in an oriental, Japanese-style environment. The movable wall in the background divides this space from all the other rooms in the house, creating a quiet corner where you can devote time to your well-being. 

Finally, the floor made of gré logs and the marsala-colored wall create a balanced color palette capable of highlighting all the details of the furniture elements, from the reflections of the pink cushions of the sofa to the dark and well-defined profiles of the floor lamp and the coffee table.

Arflex sofas inspirations with Marenco designed by Esperiri

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