Strips Arflex

Designer: Cini Boeri

Manufacturer: Arflex

Starting from: € 3.086,00

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Cini Boeri Strips Description

The Arflex Sofa, Strips, is a furniture piece that is architecturally designed, modularly built, and aesthetically ahead of its time. In production since 1972, Cini Boeri’s Strips sofa has remained an iconic furniture piece. Its place in Arflex’s history is firmly secured as it is one of the most famous items to have ever been made by the illustrious company. Having won the Compasso d’Oro award and being exhibited in museums worldwide, the Strips by Arflex has set the bar when it comes to great Italian design. Its timeless form continues to stay relevant to this day and will continue to do so.

Strips Arflex Features

Looking at this sofa, one would expect it to be the brainchild of an interior designer and not an established architect like Cini Boeri. Strips is, however, the result of Boeri’s architectural background and her flair for industrial design. She has made the Strips extremely modular and multifunctional. First off, it is a sofa, but it could also double as a bed with a built-in blanket. With numerous units to mix and match, the final forms of the Strips by Arflex are dependent on your imagination. As long as you have space, the Strips will surely fit in.

Arflex Sofa Strips Materials

Cini Boeri’s Strips sofa has numerous fabric options for its upholstery, for every modular unit that you intend to purchase. You can play around with the available colours until you find a combination that excites your emotions. You can also opt to go with a solid colour combination to consolidate the components into a singular form. There are also patterned fabric choices that could give the sofa a more eccentric feel. Technicolour or basic, whatever choice you make, rest assured, the Strips will be the sofa that you want it to be.

Strips Arflex Compositions

The modular configurations available to the Strips sofa are numerous as you can personalize the Arflex Strips according to your taste. The basic model’s measurements are 220x125x66 cm, but your modular choices can create a version of the Strips sofa that is uniquely yours. In a sense, the Strips sofa system components are like building blocks, the assembly options are endless. The synergy between elements is the best feature of this product, it’s up to you to make everything come together.


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