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With a strong scenic presence and an eclectic and unique style, Moroso sofas are the protagonists of our new interior design proposals. Capable of creating elegant atmospheres that are convivial and suggestive at the same time, here are three solutions that retrace tradition, revisit the history of art and take a journey towards new worlds.

Mix&Match: Moroso Sofas

A company that has always put the role of the craftsman and his tailoring work at the forefront, Moroso is a manufacturing company committed to creating innovative, high-quality solutions

Permeable to challenges and always ready to work with great designers such as Ron Arad, Nendo, Rodolfo Dordoni and many others, Moroso has always sought to reconcile its artisan know-how with industrial production, design, fashion and contemporary art. In their sofa collection we find a concentration of stylistic and formal research, design and production experience.

The Gentry sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is a project that stems from the desire to convey an idea of tradition, gentility and bourgeois elegance, all of this achieved through a product with light lines and soft upholstery.  

Patricia Urquiola, the star designer of the Moroso sofas we selected, designed Redondo in 2010. The two volumes, an enveloping shell and large seat cushions, are embellished with a three-dimensional quilted design, which recalls the interiors of American cars of the 1950s and the on-the-road comfort of long journeys between the East and West Coast.

The Gogan sofa owes its name to nature and to the Japanese stones polished by time and water. Once again, Patricia Urquiola is inspired by the culture of distant lands, creating a sofa with sculptural and irregular shapes: thanks to a game of balances, the different elements fit together harmoniously, giving the composition an idea of lightness.  

We have selected the materials, we have studied the textures, we have estimated a final price and we have created three different furnishing solutions to show you how you can customize your Moroso sofa and create the right Mix&Match.

Gentry Redondo and Gogan Moroso sofas design

GENTRY Moroso sofa

Elegant and sophisticated in its forms, the Gentry sofa is dressed in a fabric with interwoven lines reminiscent of the leaves on tree branches. The red cushions, in contrast with the midnight blue upholstery, bring this 3-seater sofa to a price of around 8.290 euros

Blue, white and red are the dominant colors of the furniture elements that are part of this first composition: the Nuvola Rossa bookcase designed by Vico Magistretti for Cassina and the iconic Gong metal coffee tables by Cappellini.

Moroso sofas and Gentry moodboard composition

The first solution takes us to an environment reminiscent of the world of pop art, a space where bright colors and textures with luminous chromatic nuances dominate. The copper-colored outline that draws the corners of the blue-colored walls, the grit floor with amber reflections and the striped wallpaper are the backdrop to iconic furnishing elements with an eclectic character.

A picture that comes to life and becomes a unique living room, an environment with a pop character and an elegant and sophisticated style.

Moroso sofas inspirations with Gentry sofa, Cassina Nuvola Rossa bookcase and Cappellini Gong coffee tables designed by Esperiri

REDONDO Moroso sofa

In order to create a seat that truly reminds us of the interior of a car on a coast-to-coast trip, we chose cream-colored velvet upholstery for the two-seater Redondo sofa and powder-colored fabric for the matching cushions, thus arriving at a total price of 5.760 euros

The curvilinear and round shapes of the sofa are taken up by the soft Fat sofa poufs by B&B Italia. Finally, to illuminate the room we have selected the Potence Pivotante wall lamp, designed by Charlotte Perriand for Nemo Lighting.

Moroso sofas and Redondo moodboard composition

A space secluded from the other rooms of the house where you can enjoy moments of relaxation, lying on the sofa reading a good book or sitting on the soft ottomans listening to classical music.

We wanted to create a room with warm and cozy colors, with furniture with curved shapes and sinuous textures, where you can escape from reality and start a journey to discover new and unexplored worlds.

Moroso sofas inspirations made by Esperiri with Redondo two seats sofa

GOGAN Moroso sofa

The Japanese tradition has it that the stones placed along the banks of the river have a protective function. For this reason, precisely to recall the Japanese stones smoothed by water, we thought of a dove-colored fabric for the covering of the Gogan sofa, bringing this model with peninsula to a price of 10.330 euros

Completing the composition are the sculptural Arcolor coffee tables by Arflex, positioned in the center of the room, while the Rituals hanging lamps by Foscarini descend from the ceiling like luminous lanterns.

Moroso sofas and Gogan moodboard composition

In this third solution, a palette of soft and delicate pastel colors dominates, capable of creating a welcoming environment and offering a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The light and pink streaks of the marble floor create a game of reflections and contrasts with the dark walls of the room: a perfect setting for furniture elements with sculptural and well-defined shapes. A suggestive and evocative living room that completes its furniture composition with floating lights that evoke Japanese paper lamps.

Moroso sofas inspirations with Gogan sofa designed by Esperiri

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