10 Italian Brands for your Bathroom Design

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If you are looking for Italian sanitary ware brands for your project, discover here the best brands for a luxury Italian bathroom.

The best Italian sanitary ware brands

The bathroom, like the rest of the house, needs careful planning and attention to the smallest details. In the past, the bathroom was used merely as a service area. Because of this, the functionality and usability of the spaces was the primary concern.

Today this definition remains true above all for the guest bathroom, while the master bathroom has seized a leading role in the design of a home interior. Like the living area, the main bathroom is considered one of the most essential spaces in the house. The modern italian bathroom is designed with all the comforts of a real spa where you can focus on your relaxation and well-being. The bathroom is no longer a room to hide. On the contrary, sometimes ensuite bathrooms are designed in a way that there is no separation between the bedroom and the facilities, so the bathroom is shown off. In these cases, focusing on design solutions and carefully choosing products is fundamental.

The best Italian sanitary ware brands offer a wide choice of proposals, suitable to meet the different stylistic needs of those who want to create a luxury Italian bathroom.

cielo bathroom one of the best Italian sanitary ware brands in a contemporary house

Selection of top brands for a luxury Italian bathroom

Antoniolupi Bathroom

Among the best Italian bathroom brands is Antoniolupi, whose collections are perfect for furnishing a contemporary bathroom. 
Antoniolupi is a Tuscan company, founded in the early 1950s and was initially engaged in the production of mirrors and crystal bathroom accessories. Over the years, Antoniolupi has significantly expanded its production. Today the company offers a complete and technologically-advanced production cycle, which encompasses everything in the bathroom furniture field.

spicchio mirror by antonio lupi bathroom in a luxury Italian bathroom ambience

Among the Antoniolupi collections, there are experimental and evocative projects, selected several times by the permanent ADI Design Observatory. The Introverso sink designed by Paolo Ulian, for example, is a block of marble that sheds its monolithic appearance to turn into a sculptural composition.

introverso sink by Antonio Lupi Bathroom one of the best Italian bathroom brands

Recently Intreccio was also added to the ADI selection. It is an ultra-light marble sink, which weighs only 55 kilograms. To create this piece, overlapping concentric rings were carved out of an 11-centimeter block of marble and staggered to form a three-dimensional object. Marble cuts were optimized in order to reduce material waste in making this product.

Agape Bathroom

Agape is also among the best Italian bathroom brands. It is a company that, for more than forty years, has combined high-quality bathroom vanity unit and sanitaryware production with research and the development of innovative products. One such example is the new collections in Cristalplant® biobased, an innovative eco-sustainable material derived from resinous plant-based raw materials mixed with natural inert minerals. 

The encounter with this material has given rise to some of Agape’s most exciting projects, such as the Marseille bathtub designed by Lucidi Pevere. But not only new products are being made with Cristalplant® biobased. Even some historical pieces designed in the 1970s by Angelo Mangiarotti are now made not only in marble or stone but also with this solid surface.

Agape is a high quality Italian sanitary ware brand. Alongside iconic pieces are products signed by international designers such as Neri & Hu studio and designer Patricia Urquiola. One of the newest products in the collection is Rigo, a modular bathroom furniture system, characterized by two parallel beams on which to arrange the sink and other accessories according to your needs.

Falper Bathroom

Cleanliness and minimalism are the characteristics that distinguish the Falper bathroom collections, one of the best Italian bathroom brands.  An example is the Quattro.zero collection, whose peculiarity is the extremely thin washbasins, with a thickness of only 4 millimeters. What characterizes the Falper bathroom furniture collections is their great versatility. Viaveneto, for example, is available with sinks of various types and materials. The accessories are also available in a large variety of finishes, colors, and sizes. All this translates into the possibility of having a bathroom furnished with completely customized solutions.

a contemporary bathroom showing  viaveneto collection by Falper bathroom one of the best Italian sanitary ware brands

If essentiality is synonymous with elegance, the Falper Eccentric collection by Victor Vasilev is ideal for a luxury bathroom. Like the other pieces in the collection, this too was born by the hands of expert craftsmen, who take the utmost care in the creation of all the components. The company proposes some of the best Italian bathroom furniture on the market.

If you are searching for the best Italian sanitary ware brands to design the luxury Italian bathroom of your house, embark in an unforgettable Italian design shopping tour with our interior designers.

Ceramica Cielo Bathroom

The basic elements of bathroom nomenclature are the sanitary ware: the bidet, sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower. Given the wide variety of products, it is not so easy to find your way around in choosing the best Italian bathroom furniture.

Ceramica Cielo is an Italian sanitary ware brand well-known for the production of high-quality sanitary ware. The distinctive feature of Ceramica Cielo products is the sophisticated style of the collections characterized by pure, clean lines, ideal for those who appreciate a minimalist style. The Ceramica Cielo collections demonstrate the company’s craftsmanship and knowledge in working with ceramics.

Each collection is rich in variation to satisfy any design need. Era, for example, is a bathroom furniture collection designed by Luca Cimarra, available in multiple versions. Wall-hung and countertop washbasins, urinals, and sanitary ware make up this versatile line.

ceramica cielo bathroom displaying a luxury Italian bathroom design with contemporary white sanitary ware in a colorful setting

Versatility is an essential feature of every product. For example, the Elle wall-hung washbasin by Ceramica Cielo is available in a round or oval version. The round sink has the most minimalist and contemporary appearance, perfect for a modern bathroom. The oval sink, on the other hand, is more suitable for a classic setting.

Devon and Devon

The best Italian bathroom brands typically offer modern solutions for modern environments. For those seeking a classic style for their luxury bathroom, one of the benchmark Italian brands is Devon&Devon. The Tuscan company offers collections with a timeless style, which is reminiscent of the best of the European tradition of twentieth-century design. Like most Italian companies and Italian sanitary ware brands, Devon&Devon is anchored in the skills of its craftsmen.

a luxury Italian bathroom produced by devon and devon one of the best Italian bathroom brands

During its more than 30 years of activity, the company has often invented or re-interpreted existing bathroom products, giving them a new dimension. Top products include Victorian-style freestanding footed bathtubs, such as Admiral, a cast iron bathtub with an enameled interior in various colors and feet in different shapes.

Fantini and Gessi Faucets

Luxury Italian bathrooms are spaces designed down to the smallest details: from the finishes to the combination of sanitary fixtures, up to the choice of taps. The most recent faucet collections are now able to bring this item to the forefront of the project, making it an element capable of characterizing the entire style of the bathroom. An example includes the geometric precision of Fantini‘s collections. Like AA/27 by Michael Anastassiades, a faucet for the shower or wall-hung sink.

The faucet is not only about functionality and style, but it can also be a source of psycho-physical well-being. In the case of a shower, for example, the tap is an element that can bring wellness benefits to the home bathroom. This is true for Gessi waterfall showerheads, one of the leading brands in the faucet industry, and the Gessi Color System, which includes shower heads with rain and chromotherapy functions.

Armani Bathroom

For a sophisticated and elegant bathroom, the total look is essential. This is done best by the Armani Roca collections, one of the best Italian bathroom brands. 

For example, the Baia collection, designed by Giorgio Armani, is characterized by a vaguely retro aesthetic. This versatile, elegant, and luxurious proposal is also available with metallic, matte gold, and dark metallic finishes.

The washbasin from the Baia collection can combine with different models of faucets creating a wide array of solutions. The taps in the collection are classically-inspired and are designed for built-in sinks, bidets, showers, and bathtubs: a total look with attention to the smallest details. Classic style merges with modern technology thanks to an innovative thermostatic technology with which the bath and shower faucets are equipped.

armani baia bathtub part of armani bathroom collection in a luxury Italian bathroom with champagne shower faucets

The collection, one of the most refined example of luxury Italian bathroom, also offers a freestanding bathtub, ideal as a bathroom focal point. What also makes Armani/Roca one of the best Italian bathroom brands is the priority given to the adaptability of the collections and customizable products, as is true for the shower plate, available in customized sizes.

Inda Bathroom

Thinking about luxury Italian bathrooms brings to mind the sophisticated image of a bathroom with a comfortable central bathtub. Still, today more than ever, it is essential to have a practical shower as well. Inda, with its 70 years of experience, is one of the best Italian bathroom brands in this field. In addition to furniture and accessories, it also offers a wide choice of shower walls, with a classic or contemporary style. Inda is today one of the leading Italian companies in this field, as demonstrated by innovative products such as Azure or Walk in, a crystal shower wall that allows you to use the shower as a completely door-free space.

Inda, among the best Italian sanitary ware brands, also offers total look collections such as Indissima, designed by Italian designer Matteo Thun, to give the bathroom a modern and essential style. It includes accessories, floor lamps, shower accessories, mirrors, lamps, furniture, and shower walls for a bathroom space studied in every detail.

Arbi Bathroom

The total look of the bathroom also takes into consideration the bathroom furniture. Arbi’s proposals, one of the most famous bathroom furniture and Italian sanitary ware brands, meet the needs of those looking for a modern solution for the bathroom. Founded in the late 1980s, Arbi is a benchmark company in the field, engaged in research and innovation.

arbi bathroom furniture part of the best Italian sanitary brands displaying a suspended cabinet with marble backsplash and a big hanged mirror

Arbi models manage to interpret bathroom furnishings with originality without neglecting details and accessories. Their wide selection of accessories allows Arbi Arredobagno to offer a high level of customization.

The Code collection by Arbi Arredobagno, for example, offers compositions perfectly in line with more modern trends. Also, in this case, there is a wide range of finishes available for the wall units and consoles.

Materials and colors find expression in the Materia collection by Arbi Arredobagno. This monobloc furniture is marked by a two-toned play on contrasting finishes between the frame and front panel. Made in Italy, the Arbi Arredobagno collections are designed to satisfy every style.

The state of the art regarding bathroom furnishings presents us with an abundant quantity of proposals among Italian sanitary ware brands to create luxury Italian bathrooms. For an exclusive project featuring the best Italian design products, try our design service. We will design your Italian design bathroom for you and help you choose the best Italian bathroom brands. If you wish, you can also try our shopping tour which allows you to come and discover firsthand in Italy the systems and products that we can include in your project. Our expert Italian craftsmen will then install the Italian products directly in your home.

If you are still looking for inspirations, check our Italian bathroom design ideas.

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