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Italian Home Design is back with a new article dedicated to luxury dining room design. Three evocative proposals each with a different atmosphere to inspire you and show you how to create the luxury dining room furniture composition best suited to your home.

Luxury dining room design: three inspirations with their unique atmosphere

An essential requirement for a dining area is the ability to create the right atmosphere of conversation and conviviality between guests, family members or friends. Whether it is the  bright colours, special textures, works of art or high-end furnishings, the dining room decor must be able to create a unique space that reflects the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner.

“Vis a vis around the table” is the basic principle for a fair and balanced luxury dining room furniture composition. From the chairs to the carpet, from the sideboards to the hanging light, everything is arranged around the main focus, the table, which is positioned in the middle of a large room, to create a comfortable environment suitable for any kind of situation. 

Before starting a dining project, therefore, it is important to understand the role that this room will have: will it host formal dining events or meetings between friends? Will it be a space dedicated to the family or intended for parties for a large number of people? Once you have determined the main function, you can start planning the right dining set. 

Our team of interior designers is ready to take on another challenge and has created three luxury dining room design projects, with different coverings, colours and textures, each one unique.

How to devise a unique style for your luxury dining room furniture & home decor composition

Starting from the idea of creating unique settings, we have designed three different high end dining rooms. Three design trends that take inspiration from various environments and distant locations. The first lush dining room recalls the colours of the sea, from shades of blue and white to the colours of sand. The second, with its natural patterns, brings us back to the atmosphere of tropical forests. The third, elegant and refined, is a perfect dining room for city dwellers.  

Three moodboards that led us to create three interior decorating proposals, each with selected luxury Italian dining furniture, made of high quality materials and with a different price positioning, to show you what it means to furnish your home in Italian style.

luxury dining room design concept made by Esperiri Milano

Ocean atmosphere: luxury dining room n.1

The first luxury dining room design solution that we propose celebrates the sea and its atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. The natural oak floor, with its herringbone pattern and golden shades and veins, takes on the role of a luxurious “catwalk” inside the room. The walls, have been covered with Cole&Son wallpaper with hexagonal geometric shapes blue and white nuances.

Italian luxury dining room furniture inspiration

The luxury dining room furniture set selected for the first hypothesis starts from the choice of the table. Dolm Plus by Gallotti&Radice, with its brilliant gold grey finish, creates a play of contrasts and reflections with the precious Stardust rug by Sirecorm, which with its infinite shades of blue recalls the waves of the sea. Around the table there are eight dining room chairs by Cassina: the iconic 412 Cab chairs by Mario Bellini with leather upholstery become part of this composition in marine colours. 

Completing the furnishings is the Glory sideboard by Arketipo, with blue leather doors and a  light wood frame, which in turn match the walls and the floor. As far as the lighting is concerned, we have selected two elegant and linear elements: the ceiling lamp is Luna Sospensione by Tato, designed by the great master Gio Ponti, and the ground lamp is AM2C by Nemo Lighting.

The price positioning of this first luxury dining room design solution is at around 31.000 Euro.

products moodboard of luxury dining room furniture made by Esperiri

Tropical atmosphere: luxury dining room n.2

In this second solution of opulent dining room design we change atmosphere and immerse ourselves in a tropical world. Unique colours and particular textures are able to transform a space and the best way to do so is to use the walls as an element to experiment your creativity. The Palm Jungle wallpaper by Cole&Son is our choice because it takes a central role among the different decorations of the room, combining its various shades of green with the walnutcoloured travertine marble of the floor.

tropical luxury dining room design inspiration

The choice of luxury dining room furniture falls on elements in which the textures, the artisanal processing of the materials and the chromatic authenticity of the finishes are genuine. The circular Astrum table by Maxalto, arranged in the centre of the room with its dark marble and oak wood grain, matches the Wireframe sideboard by Baxter Italia, characterized by different linear patterns on the wooden doors. Around the table are the Wood Evolution chairs by Riva 1920, with suede leather upholstery and dark wood feet. The Tweed carpet by Kasthall, with its intertwined green, white and gold lines, completes the composition of the furnishings arranged in the center of the room.

The touch of class is given by the hanging lamp Bulles XL by Reflex Angelo: a series of luminous spheres creates different points of light inside the room, giving life to a suggestive and intriguing atmosphere at the same time. 

The price positioning of this luxury dining room furniture composition is at around 44.500 Euro.

luxury dining room furniture composition made by Esperiri

Metropolis atmosphere: luxury dining room n.3

Elegance and refinement are the main qualities of this third and last luxury dining room solution. A room in which the colour palette of the upholstery materials and furnishings takes inspiration from the most refined shades of beige and brown

The walls covered in natural stone from Antolini‘s Stratosferica collection are decorated with geometric and circular lines and embellished with Mutaforma’s golden mosaics, which offer a series of unique and precious light points. 

The floor, in contrast with the light colours of the ceiling and walls, is in travertine marble. A luxury dining room design typical of elite city houses that comes at a higher price positioning  at around 67.950 Euro.

elegant and luxury dining room design made by Esperiri Milano

We find the same circular lines of the walls in the elements around the room, starting from the soft, woven textures of Sirecom’s Glamour. Positioned in the center of the room, the rug houses the elegant Cosmo wooden table by Emmemobili, with white Carrara marble legs, and the Selene chairs by Giorgetti, with dove-colored leather upholstery and dark wood frame. 

Along the front wall are the Lloyd bookcase by Luxxu, in dark marble with gold profiles, and the Brubeck floor lamp by Delightfull, composed of an interlocking vertical golden reeds, inspired by the world of jazz music. 

Above the table, finally, is the magnificent Light Ring Horizontal lamp by Henge, which with its circular and luminous rings completes the room interiors and the luxury Italian furniture composition.  

luxury dining room furniture moodboad and high end products composition made by Esperiri

In this article about luxury dining room design we have created three solutions with different combinations of luxury furnishing elements: from dining tables to design dining chairs, different environments all furnished with genuine made in Italy products. If you are interested in the world of luxury, read our article about luxury living rooms and luxury bathrooms too. If you are looking for inspiration from the most contemporary style, don’t miss our proposals for modern dining rooms.

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