Interior Design Process Steps Part 2

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Discover how to create your personal residential interior design project. Step by step, we’ll guide you throughout all interior design phases, from the first concept inspirations to the last furniture selection. Start your journey!

Interior Design Phases: the Process #2!

Our team at Esperiri puts at your disposal the second process guide on how to deal with a residential interior design project. With these articles we want to show you the advantages of relying on the expert hands of our professionals for an interior design project made in Italy.

Discover the process steps of residential interior design. Creative projects are waiting for you.

After discovering what are the first steps of an interior design project, here we are at the second stage of this adventure in the world of design. If in the Process #1 we have seen how essential it is to know your tastes to find the right inspiration, in this second part we will come across design concepts, architecture and design. The real and authentic design, the one that will be able to give a living character to your home.

Continue your journey discovering the interior design steps in the second map


Design concept and inspirations

In this moment of maximum creativity you can observe how the project comes to life. Among the different interior design steps we could define this as “the research”. The first schematic design sketches, the first moodboards and the first design concepts will help us understand in which direction we want to go and what the objectives of this journey are. We have to think about the overall look of the house we want to create and it is precisely this collection of data that will allow us to understand what to exclude and what to carry out in the course of residential interior design.

First compositions of colors and materials during the residential interior design project

Space planning

During this residential interior design phase, in order to have a complete vision of what could be the final result of the furniture work, we start to draw the project on paper. The floor plans therefore assume a fundamental role because it is at this moment that we are aware of the spaces, the overall dimensions and the areas of passage. During these interior design steps we begin to create the new maps of this journey to obtain a harmonious and homogeneous distribution of the furnishing elements.

Moodboard and composition of materials and products during the interior design steps

2nd STEP: Time to Unleash your Creativity

Let’s find out in more detail what steps need to be taken during the design process at this point.

#1 Construction and demolition phase

In a restyling project you often have to redesign spaces, defining the demolition and construction of new walls. Following the building codes, these actions will be necessary to ensure the comfort you are looking for and to generate spaces that can meet your needs.

#2 Plumbing and electrical drawing

During the design phase of the floorplan, the definition of the electrical, plumbing and lighting systems also comes into play, in anticipation of the future furnishings that will become part of the house.

Definition of the demolitions and constructions is one of the first phases during the interior design steps

#3 The material moodboard

At this point in the process it is necessary to start thinking about what the final cladding materials will be and what colours will characterise the various rooms in your home. After a careful research among the different Italian luxury surfaces, we will compose the mood board that will trace the path to follow during all the interior design phases.

residential interior design materials composition

#4 Doors and windows

Once the colours and finishes have been defined, it will be time to decide on the types of frames, materials and finishes: large sliding windows with aluminium and steel frames for modern environments, or wooden frames for warmer, more classic environments. Finally there will be the selection of openings and design among the best Italian doors.

Selection of doors and windows are two interior design phases of the project

#5 Design phase: bathrooms and kitchens

Among the interior design stages, the one relating to kitchens and bathrooms need a great deal of attention to every detail in order to achieve a design result that is appealing but at the same time highly functional. The design services we offer in this phase are different: we will guide you in the choice of the most suitable kitchen model among the best Italian kitchen brands. The same care will be taken in the design of your bathrooms, by selecting among the collections of the best Italian sanitary ware brands.

Composition of bathroom and kitchen are two important interior design phases during the project process

#6 Design phase: wardrobes and wall units

Moving further on, we come to the design of the wardrobes, equipped walls and walk-in closets. Our interior designers will be able to accompany you in the choice of the best models of Italian wardrobe designers, in the definition of the finishes and in the configuration of the interior accessories best suited to your needs.

Composition of wardrobes and wall units are two interior design steps of the project of interior spaces

#7 Loose furniture selection & customization

The interior design phases of the furniture do not end here. Our team will introduce you to the best Italian furniture brands in order to choose together the best pieces of loose furniture. You will have the opportunity to customize the furniture elements selected according to your tastes. In addition to the mass-produced design, we will also show you the production of the best Italian craftsmen, to create unique luxury bespoke furniture for your home.

Select the best furniture for your residential interior design project and discover all the Italian furniture brands.

#8 Home decoration

Last but not least, the final step concerns the design of home decoration. Once the fixed and loose furnishings have been defined, we’ll concentrate on the choice of the fabrics, lights, design and art objects that will create the right atmosphere in every room. At the end of this incredible journey, the interweaving of colors, textures and patterns, the play of light and shadow will lead you to define the atmosphere you were looking for.

The last phase of the interior design steps is to choose the fabrics, the lights or design object for your house.

Start your adventure for your residential interior design project with us.  Thanks to our Italian interior design services we will guide you on a journey to discover the authentic design made in Italy. If you are curious but don’t live in Italy,  from today you can also undertake this journey virtually thanks to our Italian interior design online service. We have no limits and we are ready to meet your needs wherever you are in the world.

Continue the journey by reading the process #3 to discover the next steps to give life to your interior design project.

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