Ventura Projects Milan Design Week 2019 Preview at BASE Milano

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Milan Design Week 2019 is mere weeks away. Have you already made plans to visit Italy’s design city? It will be a very busy week (April 9-14, 2019) filled with inspiring projects and events.

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Claudio Grassi

If you liked the 5VIE Art + Design District preview for Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone 2019, then stay tuned for more. We will share a glimpse at Ventura Projects, including both Ventura Centrale as well as Ventura Future, which will host their exhibition at BASE Milano.

BASE Milano

The press preview for Ventura Projects was hosted at BASE Milano in Tortona District. BASE Milano promotes innovation, learning, and mingling among the creative industries. Three floors house this cultural project, which opened in 2016. Its main objective is to encourage and establish connections between creative art forms through different disciplines as well as languages.

Maria Teresa Furnari & Serena Eller

Visit BASE Milano at either of two entrances Via Tortona 54 and Via Bergognone 34

Ventura Projects

Ventura Projects began in 2010 with the debut of Ventura Lambrate. However, after its 8th edition exhibiting emerging talents split into two separate events for MDW 2018. While they still share the Ventura name, the location for both has changed. Ventura Projects hosts exhibitions in several other worldwide fairs and cities such as Dubai, New York, London, and Berlin. However, the most fertile ground for Ventura Projects has certainly been in Milan.

Milan not only embodies design but the city lives and breathes its key principles. Milan is the perfect environment with its generous curiosity for the new and unknown and its loving affection for the aesthetics of the established.”

Margriet Vollenberg, art director of Ventura Projects, founder of Organisation in Design

Fuorisalone 2019 Preview – Ventura Centrale

For the third edition of Ventura Centrale, there will be 16 vaults underground the historic – Milan Central Station. This Fuorisalone event launched with only 8 warehouse spaces. Ventura Centrale is known for presenting established and emerging talents as well as brands from the Netherlands and Belgium. This year, there will be exhibitors from all over the world:

NETHERLANDS & BELGIUM: Maarten Baas | Weltevree | Lensvelt and Modular
ITALY: Aria | Lavazza and Gufram + SWITZERLAND: Sky-Frame & FREITAG
JAPAN: AGC | DNP | Yamaha Corporation Design Laboratory | TAKT PROJECT
BRAZIL: dpot modern and contemporary Brazilian furniture
UNITED STATES: Rapt Studio | Humanscale
SPAIN: Cosentino + KOREA: Noroo Group

Visit Ventura Centrale during Milan Design Week 2019 at Via Ferrante Aporti 9, 20125 Milan

Fuorisalone 2019 Preview – Ventura Future

This will be only the second presentation of Ventura Future, which debuted at Milan Design Week 2018. The unique location for this exhibition will be at BASE Milano, which is a cultural project, center, and event space, is in the Tortona District. There will be so many new and exciting features from designers all over the world. Ventura Future is known for highlighting works of those attempting to create solutions to our many current global environmental, political, and social issues. There are several multinational groups exhibiting this year, as well as representation from many countries including: Slovenia, Korea, France, Indonesia, Israel, and Italy.

While the majority of Fuorisalone events are free, this year there is a change for Ventura Future. The 5 euro entrance ticket spans the whole of Milan Design Week as well as evening events at BASE Milano. Reserve your ticket ahead of time to check out the 83 exhibitors that will be featured this year!

Feel It – VIA Design – Photo Credit: Alexander Höllsberg

Visit Ventura Future during Milan Design Week 2019 at Via Bergognone, 34, 20144 Milan

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