Civil Bench Bench Cassina

Designer: CRS Cassina

Manufacturer: Cassina

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Civil Bench Cassina Description

Cassina's Civil Bench bench is an elegant item inspired by Le Corbusier's renowned Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, India. This beautiful piece of furnishing is a part of the Hommage à Pierre Jeanneret Collection, an accumulation of four pieces that embody the balance of modern European archetypes and traditional Indian ethos. Its basic construct is one of its endearing qualities, as it does away with unneeded decor, emphasizing its stately image instead. Made with simple materials and methods, the Civil Bench of Cassina brings an air of purity to any area within your home.

Civil Bench Bench Cassina Features

The Civil Bench is a bench that celebrates restraint through its structure. Undesired attachments are not found in its construct; simple lines are utilized to achieve its overall image. The bench is made up of three consecutive seat elements supported by a single crossbar. Two inverted "V's" at the ends serve as the legs. With additional seat options, you may style the bench in any way that you desire. Needless to say, the Cassina Civil Bench is more than just a bench; it's a view of the past with roots in the present.

Civil Bench Bench Materials

With three shades at hand for the wood frame, namely; natural oak, stained black oak, or natural teak, the Cassina Civil Bench bench can adapt to your design specifications. There are options for the seat-top as well; you may choose the woven Viennese cane or go for accessory cushions for added comfort. The optional cushioning can be upholstered with your choice of leather or fabric selections. With a vast array of upholstery colours available, you may add further customization to the Civil Bench, giving it the ability to match your interiors. The bench is completed by black plastic material for its feet.

Civil Bench Bench Cassina Compositions

The Cassina Civil Bench is a bench that can provide comfortable seating to three people. Measuring in at 133x45x42 cm, Its size allows it to be an alternative seating option for rectangular eight-seater dining tables. They can also be a substitute for sofas in the living room, should you be inclined to use them in that area. The cushions have two measurements as well; 45x45 cm or 133x45 cm. All things considered, any combination of elements will result in a version of the Cassina Civil Bench that will be suited to your requirements.


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