Volage Bench Cassina

Designer: Philippe Starck

Manufacturer: Cassina

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Volage Cassina Description

The Cassina Volage is a bench that has classical sensibilities paired with modern technicality. Philippe Starck created this luxurious item to be used in any setting or be combined with the Volage bed. However you choose to apply this furniture piece, its beautiful design will complement any area, whether inside the bedroom or out. The rigorous framework that it owns enhances the delicate nature of its seating component, effectively highlighting the contrast of the two elements. Simultaneously plush and rigid, the Cassina Volage is the perfect accompaniment for your bedroom or any area in need of beautiful seating.

Volage Bench Cassina Features

The Volage Bench's polished aluminium frame is a thing of beauty in itself. The addition of the cushioning component allows it to reach greater heights of visual impact. The seating element, composed of CFC-free polyurethane padding, exudes a comforting feeling that is made apparent upon viewing the item. The sophistication that the Cassina Volage Bench offers to an area is one of its notable qualities; it livens the room by being an attractive article. The sight of it can stir up conversations between people within its immediate vicinity, which is a practical trait for a furniture piece to have.

Volage Bench Materials

The capitonné upholstery of the cushions alone merits conversations about its elegance and craftsmanship. The attention to detail that went into this facet is deserving of anyone's praise. Numerous leather and fabric options contribute to the Cassina Volage's air; it can be made playful or stately depending on your selection. The polished aluminium frame adds the needed modernity to this lovely piece of furniture. Its metallic nature permits the distinction between the two components, successfully pronouncing the beauty of each part. The unity between the pieces only serves to dignify the entirety of the Cassina Volage.

Volage Bench Cassina Compositions

The Cassina Volage Bench is part of a collection designed by Philippe Starck that embodies the point in which comfort, style, and industrial innovation meet. The collection includes a bed, several couch variants, and a padded coffee table, all of which share the same aluminium frame and capitonné upholstery that gives its signature look. Measuring in at 120x56x40 cm, the Volage can decorate any area, whether inside the bedroom or at the foyer. With these qualities present, the addition of the Volage will absolutely enhance any space.


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