• Project Location: Jeddah – KSA
  • Start Date: February 2019
  • Complete Date: on-going
  • Service Provided:
    • Interior Design
    • Furniture Shopping Tour
    • Furniture Procurement
Jeddah skyline to display our interior design project

Interior design Jeddah project

Our interior design studio has been designing the interiors of a luxury villa in Jeddah.

Jeddah is a city in Makkah province of Saudi Arabia, in expansion from an architectural point of view, whose development is also linked to the country’s recent choice to open up to tourism.  In the past few years, there have been plans to expand the city and construct the Jeddah Economic City, which will transform Jeddah into a modern metropolis. It will host residential buildings, but above all, commercial structures, hotels, and offices. The focus of the project is the Kingdom Tower, currently under construction, destined to become the tallest building in the world.

Italian home decor for a luxury home in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is a port city overlooking the Red Sea. The residence we worked on is located just a few steps from the shore. For this three storey villa, our interior decorators were in charge of designing and furnishing the main living areas. The first phase of the project, which concerned the arrangement of the furnishings, was handled remotely with the interior design services managed entirely online.

The customers, a family with three children, joined us in Milan only after we had defined the detailed interior plans, to participate in the furniture shopping tour, and choose Italian home decor. We planned them a visit to the artisan workshops and companies where custom-made Italian design products are created. We brought our customers to the most exclusive ateliers, assisting them in choosing the accessories and home decor items that best suited their style.

Contemporary and luxury home: An interior design project in Jeddah

For this modern stately home in Jeddah, Makkah province of Saudi Arabia, our interior designers proposed a sober and elegant style picking from the best Italian furniture products.

exterior of the luxury villa of the interior design jeddah project of the esperiri milano team of Italian interior designers

The ground floor of the residence offers both rooms for family use and rooms for receiving guests, but there is no division of the spaces. All the rooms are adjoined except for the service areas, creating a sequence of spaces that develops without clear separations.

The house has two entrances. The main entrance leads to the formal dining room and the main salon while a side entrance allows the family a direct entry to the rooms reserved for their daily life
The living area spaces that we have curated for this interior design project in Jeddah are all located on the ground floor. The two upper levels of the house, accessible by stairs and an elevator, are set aside for the sleeping area and the private rooms of the family members. On the lower level, there is a games room and a personal gym.

floor plan of the interior design jeddah project developed by esperiri milano

From the side entrance reserved for the family, you enter the family dining room. This room, together with the family living room, are the spaces our interior designers have concentrated on most in the design phase. The recurring theme of this residential project is the presence of Italian home decor. The designers chose premium fabrics such as velvet and viscose. The proposed color palette revolves mainly around neutral shades of beige, gray, and blue. 

Furthermore, our designers selected a wide variety of materials for this interior design Jeddah project, a choice that added a lavish and luxurious touch to the rooms, as is evident both in the dining room and in the living room.

A dining room furnished with Italian home decor

For the family dining room of this villa in Saudi Arabia, our interior designers and decorators studied the floor plan and selected the furnishings.

It was decided that the focal point of the room would be the main wall, covered with an elegant geometric-themed paneling. Wood and bronze triangles give the wall rhythm by creating a unique texture.

In the center of the room sits a large rectangular table, which seats eight. The table in question is the Decoro table by Rugiano with bronze sled legs and a decorative top. To pair, our designers chose modern high-back chairs, covered in cream-colored fabric with bronze legs.

Two Dipsy bookcases by Gallotti & Radice were positioned on each side with a polished stainless steel structure and transparent glass shelves. 

Illuminating the dining room table is the Bolle suspension chandelier from the Gallotti & Radice collections. It consists of crystal spheres and a hand-burnished brass structure. 

The chandelier was made using an artisanal technique that creates a naturally spotted effect and, at the same time, renders every piece one-of-a-kind. The chandelier hangs in the center of the room over the table, creating a spectacular effect. To complete the  Italian home decor proposals for the room, we chose the Kama rug from GT design in hand-woven viscose fiber with a hand-woven Boucle structure. 

An Italian-style living room

Directly adjacent to the dining room is the family living room, the other room our designers focused on in this interior design project in Jeddah. 

The main wall of the living room was decorated with the same geometric-themed wood and bronze paneling chosen for the dining room. The two spaces, which develop without interruption or breaks, are also connected visually. The paneling unifies the two spaces, as the unique decoration creates a sort of common thread and becomes a motif that links the two private living areas.

luxury living room and dining room as open space furnished with Italian furniture in an interior design jeddah project developed by Italian interior designers

In the corridor that joins the family room and the living room, a relaxation corner has been created using the modern traveler daybed by Porro furniture customized with a metal structure, fabric upholstery, and finished in “saddle effect” leather. An elegant floor lamp is positioned to the side, Je Suis designed by Carlo Colombo for Penta with a spherical diffuser and base in white Carrara marble.

The main element of the living room is the sofa, which we chose in a corner arrangement. The large sofa is upholstered in a light grey fabric and is complemented by a wooden ledge. Adjacent to the sofa are some sculptural ceramic coffee tables with a Platinum finish and circular-top tables in bronzed glass with a bronze base. The metallic finish of the furnishings is a detail that reverberates from many Italian home decor products selected for our interior design Jeddah project. For the lighting in the living room, our designers chose a floor lamp with an adjustable arm, Jump by Vistosi. Two iconic designer armchairs, Amoebe by Vitra, add a pop flair to the living room furnishings thanks to their organic, curved shapes and a night-blue-colored upholstery. Lastly, the lush In-canto carpet from the GT Design collections, with graphite-colored bamboo viscose fabric, completes the space giving warmth and livability to the interiors.

The formal dining room for a villa in Saudi Arabia

The other rooms on the ground floor of this villa that our team was commissioned to design in this interior design Jeddah project are the entry hall, formal dining room, and main salon. The main entrance is a large corridor, a passageway that also has the function of dividing an open-plan area consisting of the formal dining room and the main salon. 

In fact, from one side of the entrance, you arrive in the formal dining room, from the other in the main hall. Both rooms are intended for the reception of guests. The designers proposed an elegant and contemporary style for these spaces as well.

The walls of the entrance are covered with Cole & Son wallpaper with a geometric theme, two-tone in shades of aquamarine with bronze details. Two Pathos tables by Maxalto, with an elegant X-structure and copper finish, have been arranged symmetrically on each side. Completing the furnishings of the entrance are Maxalto’s Lithos poufs, with a round cushion and light metal structure that recall the style of the tables.

The entrance leads directly to the dining room, which has been furnished with a sober and elegant style. Here too, the main wall has been completely covered with geometric-themed wallpaper inspired by the French gardens of the 16th and 17th centuries. Three Metallic Porro tables in a horseshoe arrangement occupy the center of the room. The tables, characterized by minimalist lines and chosen in a varnished finish, are paired with velvet-upholstered chairs from the Maxalto Febo collection. The elegant velvet effect is also found in the gray Peble carpet by Kashtall in quilted combed wool and linen. Two elegant wooden sideboards with inlaid doors and the Glo chandelier by Carlo Colombo for Penta complete the furnishings of the dining room. Glo is a striking suspension lamp composed of glass spheres of various sizes and heights, which create an evocative game of reflections.

luxury formal dining room with Italian furniture such as the metallico table by porro for an interior design jeddah project design

Italian design for the main living room of the villa in Jeddah

From the dining area, you access the main living room. The two rooms are connected seamlessly and visually. The formal living room was designed to be divided into two areas: a living room and a lounge area. Again our designers chose to decorate one wall of the salon with wallpaper, opting for a white mother-of-pearl and gold model from the Elitis collections. To the sides of the wall is the Scofield floor lamp by Delightfull, with round chromed lampshades and a white brass base, and the large Vis à Vis mirror by Ivano Redaelli with a leather sideband.

lounge area of a luxury formal living room with Italian furniture for an interior design jeddah project design by our Italian interior designers

The furnishings of the room, in shades of green, include two large, comfortable Pierre sofas with rounded shapes and velvet upholstery by Rugiano, Judd tables by Meridiani with bronzed brass base and top in calacatta gold marble and alpine green marble, and a soft Kashtall Classic Damask rug, with a motif inspired by damask fabrics. In front is the Sigmund cushioned bench by Arflex in bouclè upholstery, with rounded shapes that mimic those of the sofa. To the side of the formal living room, our designers created a conversation corner furnished with modern Maxalto Simpliciter armchairs in light fabric, painted aluminum feet, and quilted seat. In the center of the chairs is a shimmering low table, Belt by Meridiani, with a bronzed mirror structure, which completes the proposal of Italian home decor furnishings for this villa.

luxury formal living room with Italian furniture for an interior design jeddah project design by our Italian interior designers

All of the designer Italian furniture chosen for this Saudi Arabian residence was made in Italy. Once the project was complete, the furniture and decor that the clients had seen in Italy was delivered to their home in Jeddah. If you are in search of designer Italian furniture in Saudi Arabia and want our interior designers to create your own unique design project, contact us and participate in our shopping tour.