Interior Design in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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The Best Interior Design Companies in Riyadh

We have selected the best interior design companies in Riyadh applying our Italian design perspective and know-how to Saudi Arabia House Design. Discover the project selection done by our Italian design lovers.


The sober elegance that distinguishes the Italian style is found in many interior design Saudi Arabia projects, such as the interiors designed by IDEGREE Design, an interior design company in Riyadh founded in 2009 by Eng. Aseel Al Hamad. IDEGREE Design has overseen several successful projects over the years, specializing not only in the commercial field but also in the residential. For this luxury home project in Riyadh, a living area was created, including a high-class dining and living room. The interiors were elegantly furnished, creating one of the best Saudi Arabia house design projects by the studio.

The attention to detail in these spaces is evident, seen in the decor on the living room walls and the mirrors on the sides of the dining room. The research for colors, materials, and home decor accessories also shows attention to detail: precious infusions of color like gold finishes and features such as the modern tables with marble tops in the center of a lounge room.

Yasmin Interiors

One Saudi Arabia interior design studio whose projects are inspired by Italian design is Yasmin Interiors, a studio with offices in Riyadh and London. One of their most interesting Saudi Arabia house design projects from this point of view is Al Ghadir. It is a luxurious residence in Riyadh characterized by a very classic style yet tastefully furnished with contemporary home decor. The hall of the house is lined with an eye-catching natural wool rug custom-made in Italy. The concept of this project was inspired by art decò, which explains such opulent details as the crystal chandelier.

Al Ghadir project by Yasmin Interiors

The living room rug is not the only Italian design element used in this sophisticated and elegant residence. There is also a multicolored Missoni sofa that acts as a focal point in the room, livening up the living area of this prestigious villa.

Al Ghadir project by Yasmin Interiors

FN Design: Italian style for a home in Riyadh

FN Design, based in Riyadh, is also one of the most prolific interior design company in Riyadh, providing its consultancy service in Saudi Arabia interior design industry. The studio is very busy creating residential interiors, such as Chalet, a house in Riyadh. For this project, a living area was designed with a modern style and decidedly western taste. We find this same style in At Taawun Villa, another Saudi Arabia house design project by FN Design. In the interiors of this villa, a minimal contemporary style and typical Middle Eastern finishes coexist in perfect balance. This balance can be seen in gold finishes of the coffee tables in the living room, and the designer lamps in the living room, which are combined with contemporary armchairs and sofas.

Saudi Arabian projects meet Italian style

In Saudi Arabia, contemporary style in architecture enjoys wide appreciation. Frequently, in addition to the most renowned interior design company in Riyadh, it is the western design studios that are in charge of the construction of these large structures, which are exciting both from an architectural and urban point of view.

One example is a project by the Italian studio Schiattarella Associati: the new mosque in the Saudi city of Ha’il, an impressive architectural complex with a modern architectural style. This building, in addition to hosting the mosque, is also a point of reference for that area with a central square, commercial spaces, library, offices, Koranic school, and sports facilities.
But when talking about interior design, once again, Italian design is the most sought-after for furnishing luxurious interior design Saudi Arabia projects.

Esperiri Milano for a villa in Jeddah

Our studio also recently completed a significant interior design project in Jeddah, a project that brought Italian style to Saudi Arabia. It is a three-story villa, a few steps from the sea. Our designers were instructed to select the designer furnishings and to decide the best arrangement for the main areas of the living area.

Saudi Arabia house design developed by Esperiri Milano team of Italian interior designers and architects

The first phase of the project was managed remotely and only after having decided on the arrangement of the furnishings did the clients come to Milan. They joined us in Italy to participate in the exclusive Italian furniture shopping tour that we had prepared for them. The shopping tour is the service we offer to those who want to come to Italy to see in person where real Made in Italy design is born. Customers who participate in the shopping tour are accompanied by our team to choose exclusive custom furnishings and home decor products by the best Italian artisans.

Architecture and  interior design in Jeddah

The Jeddah Tower, the skyscraper designed by the American firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, will probably be one of the buildings we will hear a lot about in the coming years. Not only because when it is finished, it will be the tallest building in the world, but also because it is an integral part of a significant real estate expansion project starring the city of Jeddah.

As in other Middle Eastern cities, Jeddah, which is now the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia, has seen the creation of fascinating new architecture designed by international studios like Foster + Partners, who was commissioned to build the new Jeddah metro, and the Benoy studio, whose name is on the Global Business School. This six-story modern building will be the home of an international university by the end of 2020.

Among the buildings built in Jeddah, there is also the Rayadah residential villa, a residential and interior design project by Italian architect Matteo Nunziati, awarded with the Cityscape Award Saudi Arabia in 2012, a recognition that is given to the best residential architecture in Saudi Arabia.

Rayadah residential by Matteo Nunziati

Italian interior designers put their name on Saudi Arabia house design

The Rayadah residential villa is part of a housing complex consisting of 713 units, all designed by Matteo Nunziati: the Jeddah Housing Complex. The winning project is a house spread out over three floors. The Italian designer, known for his interior design projects, devised both the interior spaces and the external architecture of this building in Jeddah. It is an extremely elegant architectural complex, which is reminiscent of Middle Eastern tradition thanks to the presence of openable panels on the front windows finished with a geometric theme typical of ancient Arab decoration.

If you desire the quality of Italian design for your Saudi Arabia interior design project, contact us. Our team of interior designers and decorators creates high-end designer interiors all around the world, including Jeddah, Riyadh and other cities. We offer our experience to create the perfect exclusive project with the best of Italian design for your home. Our design firm is at your service. We will take care of the choice of furnishings and also the installation of products. Our experienced artisans will manage this phase and will come directly to the site to assemble the furnishings in your home.

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