• Project Location: Singapore
  • Start Date: November 2019
  • Complete Date: August 2020
  • Service Provided:
    • Italian Furniture Selection
    • Furniture Procurement
    • Furniture Delivery

Eclectic & more: Luxury home decor in Singapore

This time our team of professionals land in Sentosa Island Ocean Drive, with a new luxury home decor project in Singapore. We are at the extreme southern tip of the Lion City, where an archipelago of streets and houses creates an exclusive residential neighborhood in direct contact with the ocean, the perfect set for our selection of high-end furniture in Singapore.

The apartment, renovated by the designers at PRODUCE, is located in an area where peace and tranquility reign, away from the noise of the city and surrounded by rich vegetation that makes this place a magnificent resort and a small corner of paradise. 

High-end furniture in Singapore in pop art & luxury style, with bright colors and exotic patterns

The Esperiri team got involved once more in a high-end furniture project in Singapore, working with a young couple who loves Made in Italy and eclectic style. The fusion of these two ways of interpreting home décor has given life to a brightly colored apartment, full of unique pieces of designer furniture that make each room distinctive and inimitable.

Once again, we went in search of the best solutions and furniture brands to bring Italian interior design to Singapore and create the dream home that our young customers had always envisioned. 

Their main request was to create an unusual and elegant apartment with a one-of-a-kind personality. Eclectic style was then the watchword for choosing the furnishings of this apartment, the different combinations of pieces, and the color scheme. Therefore, we gave the green light to creativity. Together with our customers, we chose and experimented with a mix of luxury furniture suitable for all situations. 

The first phase of the project was the consultation to decide the possible types of furniture and took place in Singapore. In a second phase, after the couple gave their confirmation of the finishes and materials chosen for their luxury home decor in Singapore, Esperiri took care of the supply and shipment of all the furnishings.

The house consists of a large open plan living room, which is located in front of the entrance and overlooks a large terrace surrounded by greenery, offering a magnificent view of the ocean. In this apartment, the different areas of the living space are all connected and intertwined. There are no dividing walls, only a succession of spaces that shrink and expand to create the various rooms of the house from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen.

The only door present is the one that divides the living area from the sleeping area. The curved lines and soft progression of the walls allow for a composition of interconnected spaces in this private area as well. And so the master bedroom becomes a study, with a desk overlooking the ocean, and ends with the large walk-in closet.

The result is a modern house that lights up with colors and unique decor, from which the love for pop art shines through. Like an unexpected treasure chest, the light-colored walls welcome unique home accessories. These elements are what make this luxury home decor in Singapore anything but ordinary.

Living area: Surreal style & Italian design

The high-end furniture sent to Singapore and chosen for the living area is partially from Seletti. This Italian design company has always stood out for its eccentric and innovative style. Many of the furniture pieces selected for the dining room are part of the “Seletti wears Toiletpaper” collection, which is inspired by the magazine by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. The black humor of Toilet Paper blends with Seletti’s pastel colors, and the surreal images created by the two artists of the magazine become a recurring theme in all the pieces in the collection. An example is the dining table featuring a design of a chessboard with red roses and the dining chairs exhibiting many of the most famous images by Cattelan and Ferrari. 

The living room also has many Seletti furnishings: the rugs and cushions of the Comfy sofa come together, creating a colorful bohemian effect.

The final touch is the choice of lighting. We opted for hanging lamps that allude to Italy, such as the Cupolone of San Pietro, and lamps with pure eccentric taste, such as the floor lamp A Modern Grand Tour, with a gold structure reminiscent of a slender tree trunk holding a crown of white feathers.

Bedroom in three words: pink, cult products, and art

The sleeping area was thought out by our designers to meet all the needs of this young couple from Singapore who wanted to create the perfect comfort zone without losing the vitality that characterizes the whole house.

In the bedroom, there is no shortage of cult illustrations, such as the reference to the famous film by Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange, and artwork such as a painting by Frida Kahlo. It is a touch of personality that is further enhanced with specifically chosen furnishing elements. 

The blush-colored bed by Edra with its soft cushions engages in a playful dialogue with the Botolo chair by Arflex in white fur and with the ostrich-feathered lampshades of the table lamps by Porta Romana

The bedroom ends with a large walk-in closet which houses furniture and accessories with soft shapes and transparent materials, precisely to create a sense of space and to make this room seem wider and more livable.

For this luxury home decor in Singapore, our interior design team was asked to select and guide the young couple in choosing from the wide range of high-end Italian furniture

If you are also looking for new ideas and inspiration with pure Made in Italy taste and if you want to try something unique, contact us for our Italian Furniture Shopping Tour.