5 Amazing Interior Design Studios & Projects in Toronto

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You can bring Italian design into your home interiors, wherever you may be. Esperiri celebrates worldwide interiors with Made in Italy furniture and products. Today, we will be exploring interior design in Toronto. You’ll discover five unique interior projects plus architecture and design studios based in Toronto, Ontario.

Interior Design Toronto

The Toronto interior design and architecture scene has many internationally-acclaimed and award-winning studios and firms. They offer a unique mix of modern and traditional styles for high-end residential interior design projects.

1/ Palmerston Design Consultants116 Geary Avenue, #207 Toronto, Ontario M6H 4H1 Canada

This Toronto-based boutique interior design business is available for high-end residential interior design and commercial projects. Palmerston Design Consultants has made a name for themselves in the Toronto interior design scene. The brand has been featured in Toronto Home as well as on Property Brothers.

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2/ Monica Bussoli Interiors25 Broadway Ave Suite 2102, Toronto, ON M4P 1T7, Canada

Monica Bussoli Interiors offers design services for mostly residential and some commercial projects in the Greater Toronto area. Monica is originally from Bologna and has also lived in Florence and worked in Milano as well as London. She has lived in Toronto for 20 years, bringing passion for history, art, and culture into her projects and since worked for over 15 years with 250+ clients.

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3/ Studio Munge25 Wingold Avenue Toronto, ON Canada M6B 1P8

This design firm has 20+ years of experience across North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Studio Munge is a globally recognized award-winning brand focusing on high-end interior projects ranging from premiere residences, luxury hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs.

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Worldwide Interior Design

Esperiri’s Interior Design Online service would be the perfect match for your luxury interior needs. If you have a high-end residential interior design or commercial project, allow us to take the lead to bring Italian design. Our design experts will provide the right touch of personality alongside iconic Made in Italy furniture. Get started today by contacting Esperiri!

Toronto Food and Design

What better way to blend travel and design together than with the addition of food? Include this location into your tour of the Toronto interior design scene.

4/ Oretta Toronto633 King St W, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M5, Canada

Oretta Toronto is a stylish restaurant offering Italian cuisine for lunch, dinner, aperitivo, as well as weekend brunch. The drool-worthy interiors and delicious seasonal fare will keep you coming back for more.

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High-End Residential Interior Design

5/ Audax 160 Pears Avenue, Suite 310 Toronto, Ontario M5R 3P8 Canada

Audax is an architecture and interior design firm dedicated to luxury real estate projects. It was founded in 2007 by Gianpiero Pugliese. He has also coined the term Human Architecture to define the Audax style. This style is traditional architecture with modern aesthetics. by their clients range from affluent homeowners to restaurants.

Their clients range from affluent homeowners to restaurants and more. One of their high-end residential interior design projects, called “Bilateral House” was completed for a private client. This high-end project was completed by the Audax team. The house is a 116-year-old Period Revival in Toronto. The owners are contemporary art and vintage furniture collectors, so while the house’s facade had to be carefully restored, there was space in the back to create a gallery for display.

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