Quaderna Zanotta

Designer: Superstudio

Manufacturer: Zanotta

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Quaderna Table Description

The Quaderna by Zanotta is a piece of furniture that is as iconic as one could get. The people of Superstudio were on a different level of thinking, as well as Aurelio Zanotta for producing an excellent example of “out of the box” furnishing. The Quaderna Table’s design is simple. Its lines are simple. Its looks are simple. Its colours are simple. But in that simplicity lies its charm. Pretensions do not exist in its space. Always eye-catching, the Quaderna, a Superstudio offering, will juxtapose itself in its surroundings nicely.

Quaderna Zanotta Features

Elegance and style are non-issues when talking about a table like the Quaderna. Zanotta and Superstudio, during the late 1960s, were headed in a different direction compared to other designers at that time. Tired of the “La Dolce Vita” mindset, Superstudio, one of Italy’s “anti-design” groups opted to design buildings and furniture with a revolutionary and profound attitude. The Quaderna is a product of that way of thought. The simplicity of its structure as well as a lack of colour is the entire point of the Quaderna Table.

Quaderna Superstudio Materials

The Quaderna by Zanotta is restraint given form. There are no frills with its design. The table is done up with a white, plastic laminate and silk-screen printed squares at 30 mm spacing. Nothing more, nothing less. Its Rubik’s Cube-like appearance is the only design element that this table needs. It doesn’t call for flashy colours or complicated features as it can do without them. Straight lines and plain white is the only thing the Quaderna Table requires, everything else is just excess.

Quaderna Zanotta Compositions

The Quaderna line shares the same basic look throughout all the products in this series. The table has three sizes: a small 111x111x72 cm, medium 126x126x72 cm, and a rectangular 90x180x72 cm. There is also a console table and bench included in this collection. The simple facade will always be in contrast to anything else near it, making it stand out all the more. Your eyes will be drawn to its simple lines and stark white finish. This is an item that withstands trends by being as primary as possible. Wherever you place it, the Quaderna line of Zanotta is a staunch reminder that sometimes, less is truly more.


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Esperiri Milano For Zanotta

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