Atlas Table Fiam

Designer: Danny Lane

Manufacturer: Fiam

Starting from: € 11.940,00

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Atlas Fiam Description

Fiam's Atlas Table gives us a product that has sculptural inclinations ingrained into its construct. These qualities are evident thanks to the beautiful glass legs that this table possesses. Designed by Danny Lane, this beautiful piece of furnishing serves as an exquisite worktop as well as a functional work of art. The Fiam Atlas owns an ethereal image thanks to its construct being made of glass. Despite its delicate construct, the Atlas Table functions without fail, ensuring that this product will stand the rigours of everyday use.

Atlas Table Fiam Features

The Delicate image owned by the Fiam Atlas belies the technology involved in its construct. The Atlas stands on four legs made of 19 mm thick hand-sculpted glass, glued on top of one another and secured with a contrasting metal rod. The pieces for these legs taper; the smallest component is at the base of the legs, and the size of the pieces increases as the components stack up. This feature gives an industrial quality that accentuates the overall design of the table, making it an excellent piece of furnishing that will certainly generate conversations.

Atlas Table Materials

Extralight glass is the main component of the Fiam Atlas Table. This material comprises every part of the table, from its tabletop to the individual pieces of the legs of this item. It does not need further ornamentation. It does away with colour choices as its construct is the ornamentation that this table needs. The carved glass pieces that make up its legs give the Atlas an artistic element. The way the legs of the Atlas are structured lets it play with light, which in turn gives the table an added dramatic effect.

Atlas Table Fiam Compositions

Three sizes are available for the Fiam Atlas Table, these are 150x150x74 cm, 220x100x74 cm, and 240x120x74 cm. These dimensions enable the Atlas to properly function wherever it is located. The square table can serve as a display table that can be a focal point in any room. The rectangular-shaped version may serve as a table within an office, while the larger rectangular variant may be used in the boardroom of an office conference room. Regardless of its location, Fiam's Atlas will be an excellent addition to any space which requires a beautiful worktop.


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