Coral Beach Table Fiam

Designer: Mac Stopa

Manufacturer: Fiam

Starting from: € 2.420,00

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Coral Beach Fiam Description

The Fiam Coral Beach Table is an elegant furniture piece that presents us with a smooth yet textured profile. This characteristic makes the item a visual and tactile spectacle that captivates any viewer. The Coral Beach of Fiam gives any room that requires a table an excellent worktop that not only looks splendid but also provides you with a substantial and stylish workspace. This contemporary piece of furnishing supplies the beauty that an area needs by simply being in that location, making the Coral Beach Table a necessary component of your home's interiors.

Coral Beach Table Fiam Features

Fiam's Coral Beach owns a splendid glass worktop that amplifies the sophistication of your chosen location. Designed by Mac Stopa, the beautiful surface of this piece of furnishing applies to any space that can accommodate its stunning profile. This table comes with a metal painted base. Its top consists of a 15 mm fused and tempered glass. These features complete the Coral Beach Table of Fiam, giving you an excellent product that suits any kind of interior design setting. This table also serves as a conversation piece within your home: any spectator will appreciate the presence of this product regardless of its location.

Coral Beach Table Materials

Items that possess the appeal of the Fiam Coral Beach do not need excessive finishing options to become a beautiful furniture piece. The Coral Beach's tabletop comes in only three back-lacquered finishes: transparent, lava grey, and night blue. Its base also comes lacquered in lava grey. These finishes are adequate for this table, as its main draw is the actual tabletop of this item. The beautiful details present within the glass tabletop provides all the aesthetic details that the Coral Beach needs to captivate any onlooker near its profile.

Coral Beach Table Fiam Compositions

Tables like the Fiam Coral Beach provide you with an exquisite furniture piece that highlights a location's visual appeal with ease. This table comes in several measurements: 220x106x75 cm, 240x106x75 cm, 260x120x75 cm, 280x120x75 cm, and 300x120x75 cm. These dimensions are available for the transparent tabletop version and the black-lacquered tabletop variants as well. These tables accommodate a minimum of eight people. A good product is a splendid accompaniment to any area of your home, but truly exceptional items like the Fiam Coral Beach Table will advance a room's bearing to greater levels without fail.


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