Mexique Stool Stool Cassina

Designer: Charlotte Perriand

Manufacturer: Cassina

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Mexique Stool Cassina Description

Stools like the Mexique Stool of Cassina were made to fit the students' rooms of the Maison du Mexique at the Cite Universitaire Internationale in Paris, France. Charlotte Perriand's inspired offering is an excellent example of a design made for the masses as its aesthetics are in tune with peoples' needs, especially the university students. Precision made with attention to detail, the Cassina Mexique Stool will be more than able to provide any space with a stable and beautiful seating implement that doesn't obstruct its surrounding elements.

Mexique Stool Stool Cassina Features

Stools like the Mexique Stool were designed to be compact. The shape of its "en forme libre" seating, with its rounded form, was intended to be minimal, therefore occupying as little space as possible. This feature then facilitates the motion between the armchair, bed, and desk, allowing for unrestrained movement within the students' rooms. The stool's entirety allows for free movement within any location because of the Mexique's small footprint. The legs for this stool are composed of triangular sectioned folded sheet metal, giving The Cassina Mexique Stool a more rigid stance.

Mexique Stool Stool Materials

Stools like the Mexique Stool of Cassina utilizes solid oak or American walnut for their beautifully made seat component. You can opt for an oak, American walnut, mahogany, and black-stained oak for a natural finish. The legs can come in either a matte black or gunmetal grey finish. These options further emphasize the beauty of the seat component of the stool. The feet for the Mexique are made of a durable black plastic material. Any combination of these finishing options will result in a seating implement that will integrate itself into your interiors without difficulty.

Mexique Stool Stool Cassina Compositions

Cassina's Mexique Stool has varying heights can be used for any intended purpose. Its sizes are 37x47x72 cm for the high and 32x40x45 cm for the low. These sizes can give you options for how you want to utilize the stool. The low heights can serve as your standard chairs, while the taller stools with taller heights can be used for high tables or bar counters. Regardless of height, the Cassina Mexique Stool is capable of providing you with an excellent seating implement that is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.


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