Swing Outdoor Ivano Redaelli

Designer: Umberto Asnago, Ivano Redaelli

Manufacturer: Ivano Redaelli

Starting from: € 2.682,00

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Swing Ivano Redaelli Description

The Swing Outdoor of Ivano Redaelli is an elegant example of artisanal craftsmanship coupled with precision assembly. This beautiful outdoor chair evokes feelings of comfort and security as you unwind inside its airy framework. The Ivano Redaelli Swing’s structural composition will envelop anyone resting in its embrace. The sinuous lines owned by this stylish product provides tranquillity and relaxation to its user without any delay. Truly an industrial masterpiece, the Swing Outdoor chair is indeed a worthy investment. Its elegance alone merits praise, enabling it to be an artistic element anywhere.

Swing Outdoor Ivano Redaelli Features

The Swing Outdoor of Ivano Redaelli is an eye-catching seating implement that attracts attention anywhere it is placed. Whether hung from a tree or on its own base, the Swing can hold its audience captive with its unique visage. The Ivano Redaelli Swing's frame alone can be a topic for conversation. Its finish is an ideal model for hand-braided upholstery. The entirety of this product exudes a high standard of excellence in production. With all these qualities in hand, The Swing will meet all of your requirements for stylish furniture pieces that can withstand the elements.

Swing Outdoor Materials

Umberto Asnago and Ivano Redaelli's Swing is a distinguished item that elevates the level of comfort that similar pieces provide. The finishes available for this article are also treated to endure heat and moisture. With four colours available for the frame's braiding, five weather-proof coatings for the frame, and three weather-proof fabrics for the cushioning, the Swing is customized according to your stringent tastes. Ivano Redaelli has manufactured an item that boasts aesthetic qualities that captures the imagination. Simply put, the Swing will be the centre of attention inside or outside of your home.

Swing Outdoor Ivano Redaelli Compositions

The Swing's base is dependent on your preference. The floor-based metal support structure is the correct option for a more stable version of this item. The total measurement for the floor version is at 173x75x95 cm. In case you opt to place the Swing in a natural setting such as a tree, you may select the long polypropylene cord with a hook. In this option, the actual seat measures 120x75x60 cm. The standard braided polypropylene cord's length for this option is 200 cm but can be customized according to your needed measurements.

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