Allunaggio Outdoor Zanotta

Designer: Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Manufacturer: Zanotta

Starting from: € 672,00

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Allunaggio Zanotta Description

The Allunaggio by Zanotta is an outdoor chair that certainly looks unlike any other chair out in the market. Named "moon landing," the Allunaggio does indeed look like an object from another planet. Its design is simple yet out of this world. Designed by the Castiglioni brothers, this basic seating implement astonishes anyone who happens to view its peculiar shape. This three-legged stool undoubtedly surprises viewers, causing them to want to sample the seating capability of the Allunaggio by Zanotta. Although built for the outdoors, the Allunaggio seems at home indoors as well.

Allunaggio Outdoor Zanotta Features

The Allunaggio by Zanotta was intended for outdoor spaces such as parks or gardens. Some people still opt to use this particular item inside their homes. The peculiarity of the chair is too alluring that people decide to place them indoors. The chair's structure is the main feature of this item. The three legs that are far apart with natural polyethylene feet resemble the legs of a lunar lander. The simple "cushioning" feature sits atop of the alien-like structure, making the Allunaggio by Zanotta a truly unique seating experience.

Allunaggio Outdoor Materials

The Allunaggio comes lacquered, only in the shade of grass green. The only other colour element of this chair is the natural shade of the polyethylene legs. This basic image makes the Allunaggio by Zanotta almost invisible in an outdoor setting like a grassy park. The funambulist background of the designers of this lovely item is made apparent upon further contemplation. Whether resembling an object landing on a different planet or a tightrope walker, the unique form of the Allunaggio by Zanotta will surely captivate and intrigue people with vivid imaginations.

Allunaggio Outdoor Zanotta Compositions

Just like its colour, there is only one variation of the Allunaggio chair. This item measures 152x74x42.5 cm. The simplicity and peculiarity of the object is the source of its charm. Its image will be forever imprinted in your memory simply because of its unusual appearance. Convoluted lines do not exist within its space as it only needs its three legs and feet along with the single seat on top. The Castiglioni Brothers have conceived a product so memorable and endearing that up until today, the Allunaggio is still as unique as it was when it was first released.


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