Paola Lenti Float Lounge Chair

Designer: Francesco Rota

Manufacturer: Paola Lenti

Starting from: € 1.795,00

Worldwide Delivery and Installation
Customizable with our Professional Advice
100% Made in Italy Certified
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Paola Lenti Lounge Chair Description

The Paola Lenti Float design by Francesco Rota (2007) has had continued success over the years and remains a popular option for poolside exteriors or cozy interiors. The soft easy chair can set a relaxed tone for your interior or exterior spaces, while still looking elegant. The Float is where comfort meets chic.

Paola Lenti Float Lounge Chair Features

The Paola Lenti Float series includes an easy chair,  chaise lounge, and sofa. The different options maintain their shape with a polyester fabric casing padded polystyrene.

Float Outdoor Materials

There are several options when choosing how to customize your Paola Lenti Float. Adjust the dimensions and upholstery to fit your personal preferences or add accessories. Platforms or poufs are available with or without backrest in various dimensions.

The upholstery fabrics vary, but all covers are removable. If your Float furniture will be outdoors, especially in cold weather, a Winter Set protection cover will provide necessary care to keep your product in great condition.

Fabric covers are available in several Paola Lenti signature fabrics such as Light, Rope M, Aquatech, Brio, and Aero. Thea is another choice made of a classic jacquard weave. The intricate textures of these options will provide an elevated sense of design to the simple product shape.

Paola Lenti Float Lounge Chair Compositions

Consult our design professionals to find the best place for the Paola Lenti Float in your home’s interior or exterior. The relaxed vibe certainly fits with a contemporary, artistic, and fun ambience.

Depending on the upholstery choice, you can create an atmosphere around the chair to make a statement. Your options are not fixed, however, you can also tone it down to fit a more minimalist color palette and mood.

Perhaps you’re looking to furnish a yacht, luxury spa, or add some color to your own living space. Tell us more about your vision and Esperiri will make it a reality.


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