Armchair Cloud Collection Outdoor Arflex

Designer: Carlo Colombo

Manufacturer: Arflex

Starting from: € 1.061,00

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Armchair Cloud Collection Arflex Description

Arflex's Cloud Collection Outdoor Armchair is an item that exists to provide comfort in areas outside of your home. Be it on your patio or by the poolside, this excellent piece of outdoor furnishing will serve its intended purpose with style and grace. Designed by Carlo Colombo, the Arflex Cloud Collection Armchair uses simple materials and lines to provide its user with a tranquil experience regardless of its location. The Cloud Armchair, part of an outdoor collection, has the necessary qualities needed for a product of its class, and it provides these qualities to its user without hesitation.

Armchair Cloud Collection Outdoor Arflex Features

The Cloud Armchair is part of an outdoor collection that serves as an example of quality-made furniture pieces that can weather the elements without fail. This item is sandblasted, washed, and coated with an epoxy primer, giving it properties that allow it to brave the heat and moisture that deteriorates these kinds of products. Upholstered with synthetic rubber straps, Arflex's Cloud Collection Outdoor Armchair provides you with a comfortable and stylish seating element that is purpose-built for nature. Arflex has given us a truly outstanding product with the Cloud.

Armchair Cloud Collection Outdoor Materials

The Arflex Cloud Collection Armchair is an object that relies on its structure and function rather than its finishing material; therefore, it doesn't need much in the way of aesthetics. The frame can come in either black or white, with black protective polyethylene glides for its feet. The woven synthetic rubber material used for its upholstery comes in black, white, grey, or a combination of black and white. These minimal colour selections are enough to give the Cloud a beautiful appearance and are more than enough to make this product a worthy addition to your home.

Armchair Cloud Collection Outdoor Arflex Compositions

The Cloud Collection Outdoor Armchair of Arflex is a product that readily serves its purpose with efficiency and appeal. Measuring 82x90x78 cm, this item satisfies your need for an outdoor seating implement that is of exceptional quality. Other versions of this chair are available in varying sizes as well. There is a two-seater sofa that measures 150x90x78 cm, as well as a bigger version of the armchair that comes in at 200x190x100 cm. These products can inhabit any space, outdoor and even indoor, that requires a high-quality seating element.


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